What do Inverse, Switch, To Bool nodes do?

What do below nodes do.

  1. Inverse Node
  2. Switch Node
  3. To Bool Node.

I have created pull request of Armory Doc adding all LOGIC Nodes doc in it, except this three logic nodes that I don’t understand.

Here my link to pull request -> https://github.com/armory3d/armory_docs/pull/22

  • Inverse: True will become false , false will become true.
  • To bool : is false when there is no event on input, true when there is event on input
  • Switch
    Check the value on input “in”
    When the input value matches Case1,Case 2 or Case 3 value, it will trigger the corresponding output Case 1, Case 2 or Case 3

To your question in the pull-request, (I started the documentation on nodes) you probably should change it to the actual order in Armory. I thought it made more sense with the other names/categories, but looking back it was not a good idea.


Alright, thanks @MagicLord.
Another question, Is my doc understandable? Is it good or should i tweak it? and i hope my doc isn’t opinion based…

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