What path to use for code editor on Linux?

When I leave the code editor set to system default nothing happens when a try to edit a script. When i change it to VSCode it askes for a path but since I am using Linux i don’t know if there is an equivilant to a path to an .exe file.

Hello Bodhi,
KodeStudio (VSCode for kha) is not uncluded in the Armory SDK archive, you have to download it separately : https://github.com/Kode/KodeStudio/releases

Then you have to specify the path to armory: /“yourKodeStudiofolder”/kodestudio

You also have to download the latest Kha version, and to put it in:
Just rename the “Kha” folder from 2018 to “Kha_OLD” and then paste the recently extracted “Kha_master” and rename it to just “Kha”.

I think this should make it work correctly.

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