What publishing platform now supported for iron

Hi i run examples for iron - it make build for HTML5 as i understood but when i try to open iron_examples-master\edit\build\debug-html5/index.html it show empty screen.
so what platforms supported for now.

and second questions is: iron support bones animataded personages?

All platforms supported by Kha should work - check System targets in Kha wiki.

If it works inside Kode Studio but not when you open index.html file - the reason is you need to start a local server and navigate to http://localhost:8080(port number) instead of opening the file directly.

To start a local server you could do ‘node /path/to/Kha/make --server’ from command line, and keep it running in background.

Alternatively, you can upload the project to a web server like you would when you publish it online (github pages work well).

There is support for bones but requires more work - already got plenty of problems reported. Once it gets more mature I will make sure to also provide an example in the Iron repository.

a ok itworks now, when i install webserver chrome plugin , Thank You