"Where do Print nodes output to?" (& a couple other node-based questions)

I’m trying to get a handle on nodes & have run across a few barriers.

  1. I’ve found the Print node but am unable to get it to print out anything. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place though. I was expecting to see output in the console when running the game. How can i see print nodes’ output?

  2. Is there a node that can be used to quit the game and close the game window?

  3. Finally, where can properties of objects accessed via “get/set property” nodes be created?

Thanks folks!

Alright, so I figured out the problem causing my first issue/question:

  1. Print nodes only print when running in the viewport play-mode. Running the same game via ‘f5’, print seems to do nothing. Hopefully this is just something that’s overlooked for now and not a ‘feature’ (is this the case @lubos?).

The other two questions I still don’t have any leads on. Are there examples that show a quit game or get/set property via node setups? So far I haven’t come across any in the armory example content.

Thanks folks

Hi @Dorsto, sorry about the late reply -

  1. Print node should write to the system console (Window - Toggle System Console on Windows). It looks like it’s working fine on MacOS/Linux but not on Windows - looking for a fix.

I am also thinking of enabling the print node to display text directly in player window, when running from editor/debug - so there is no need to switch windows.

  1. No dedicated node to achieve this yet, adding that in!

(Right now you would have to do the native function call manually, but even Call Static Function node is unfortunately broken in Build 10 so git version is needed…eh :slight_smile: Will handle it properly in Build 11.)

  1. Get/Set Property nodes are aimed to access native properties of objects(which can be browsed in api or github). It is probably more useful for testing when implementing some new node functionality, otherwise using is it quite messy.

Thanks for the answers, @lubos!

  1. My Linux version was acting just like the windows one iirc. Viewport run = OK, F5 run = No Good

  2. I’ll wait for Build 11 then as I’ve not had much luck in the past compiling Blender myself. The image is helpful though.

  3. I was able to get a property working thanks to your screenshot but have noticed something that seems weird. The following image shows my network. Its just supposed to count up from 0 and pretty much works except it always skips over 1 and goes straight to 2 the first time the key is pressed. Am I doing something wrong with this setup?

One more question: Is there a way to set a boolean to its opposite via nodes? So far I’ve come up short.

Thanks again for the help!

  1. Will double check, thanks for letting me know.

  2. Usually there is no need to compile Blender (only when there is some internal change, eg updating to newer Blender/Krom version), you should be able run the latest just by cloning some git repos. But the safest way is to run on standard builds, to prevent potential frustration.

  3. Looks pretty solid to me - the only thing I found out is that the Math node is connected twice. Set Property will execute Math node when getting the value, and then Print node executes Math node again. This one should do:

(Edit: Or shorter…)

  1. There is Not node, but if you are not seeing it then it means it was added after Build 10 was packaged. :confused:

Thanks for the assistance!

A few comments:

  1. For others’/my own future reference: properties needs to be initiated before they can be tweaked it seems (otherwise ‘NaN’ just gets printed), otherwise your networks work great! One small quirk I’ve observed though is that on linux the initial “count” variable (in this case 0) gets printed when the game first starts even before the key is even pressed. Windows seems to function as expected though.

  1. You were indeed correct about the “not” node missing from the release of build 10. Updating via all that git stuff did the trick (in this case the whole kha git updating process was also necessary).

A few other questions (hopefully its OK to just tack them on this thread):
5) Are frames/groups for game nodes coming?

2017/05/05 Edit: Oops, I see the frame/grouping stuff works just fine!

  1. Have you considered adding something like Sverchok’s “Wifi in/out” nodes? They seem like they might be of great use for more complicated setups (in fact, I wish material nodes & other Blender node systems had something like them as well). If you’re unsure what I’m talking about, check out this post from rightclickselect.com down under the heading “A working example: Sverchok”.

Thanks again @lubos!

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Sorry @riotaylor, the print node is for printing to the console, not to an actual printer.