Where is the fabled 'good graphics'?

I’m seeing countless demos displaying Armory’s rendering power, and yet the in-game graphics is awful. It looks great from the viewport, but press ‘play’ and the graphics goes back to regular BGE… only, worse than regular BGE.
Some tutorials reference a setting called ‘VoxelGI’. Where is that? I went through each and every download - standalone and addon - and none of them had that setting, neither with 2.7 nor 2.80. And all of their graphics sucked, too.

If you don’t mind me reierating, every build for every supported version has failed me.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? It’s super frustrating seeing everyone else parade their graphics, with no explanation of how they did it.
I’m running Windows 64bit with an Nvidia graphics card. If someone could please give me a hint of wisdom on the subject, I would be very grateful.

Can you provide any examples of what you want to achieve quality wise? There’s a lot of different post-process settings to tweak, and there’s not a one-solution fits all thing - While Voxel GI has been deprecated (since version 0.5), it’s still possible to create “good graphics” (depending on the eyes)

Can you share a screenshot of your project?:slightly_smiling_face:

Do you can use the Voxel AO. Is in this part of the menu:

Maybe it will help you.

About beautiful graphics this comes from various configurations paths and the type of material used in 3d models. It would be interesting to share a file to see your rander path configuration and shaders nodes.

Something like this would be nice:

or this

So far though, I have neither been able to implement GI, SSR, SSS, or even AO. Heck, I can’t even get specular reflections to work in-game.
Were these scenes baked beforehand or something? No, it can’t be - that would defeat the purpose of developing an entirely new branch designed specifically for realtime rendering…

@Daniel_Sobrinho, What version of Blender / build of Armory are you using? … because my Properties>Render looks like this:

I don’t really have a specific file that I’m trying to get to work; at this point I’m pretty much just tinkering with the default cube setup and various other example files. But in all my tinkering, I’ve never encountered that setting. It seems it’s been replaced by ‘Indirect Lighting’ - which sounds like something that would be helpful; but needs to be baked (as opposed to realtime VoxelGI).
Would you mind sharing the download link you got your Armory version from?

I am using blender 2.8 on steam version and Armory SDK 2019-11.
Do you can download here: https://armory3d.org/download.html

(That picture its old so just was heve the sdk 2019-10 in this time)
Step 01

Download the zip and extracted in where you want.

Step 02

Open blender 2.8 and go to: Edit > Preferences.

Step 03

Go to Add-ons > Instal

Go to the paste where u extrated the Armory 3d SDK, select the armory.py file and click in acept.
(If you are using windows with just one directore storege, I recomend put the Armory SDK paste on a folder in your user documents for avoid administrator conflict in windows, if the SDK been on local C and windows program folder the enginer “not go been staled corretly”, this happened with me because steam is on this windows folder, i put the SDK in the same steam blender folder but not installed, just work wen i move for a folder in my documents)

Step 04

Go to SDK Path

In this part you just need put the SDK folder directore and click on accept. Wen you do this you go see the Armory menu showing in right side. Now its just shutdown and open again the blender.

For the game render reflections you need activad the SRR
the same for Bloom, Volumetric lights, shadows…

Go to time 04:20 minutes in this video, I am showing the Bloom and SRR on and off using the logic nodes, just with this two guys on you can see a good diference, can be better using the voxel AO, volumetric lights and more options.

This options are here:

Do you can use Armory 3D tamplates for test the render path configuration, this is the link tamplates download:


Ah, I didn’t see the Armory Render Path tab. I feel stupid now :roll_eyes:

Still can’t find VoxelGI though. @Naxela said it was removed? Why would they do that? Is there another feature somewhere that replaces it? I don’t understand why they would just do away with something they’ve hyped up so much…

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Ray-tracing is in the works. Really dumb to remove VXGI premature, actually at all. It was quite awesome.


So there’s no other way to get that effect realtime?

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