Why are you interested in Armory and how did you hear about it?

I found the engine on a Blender Nation new.
I’m following it’s developement because, despite it’s a few persons effort and is very early, I think it has the potential to became the best game development engine of all times, since It’s powerful, has fair price, the bests user licensing terms, and is open and multiplatform.

The best reason to pick a game engine is a balance between power and the terms of use. I think Armory is the best in both things.

Unreal Engine meet those requeriments well too, but the lack of interest of Epic in the Linux support is making me think that when Armory is finished in some years, Unreal Engine will still be non usable in Linux.

Just, for the sake of God, DO NOT get sold by a big company that changes the user License terms and ruin it all!