Why are you interested in Armory and how did you hear about it?

I heard about Armory3D by someone who posted a link to it in a Discord server about Godot I hang out in. I was immediately interested because Blender is my software crush, and I love Haxe. I can’t put up with the ever-changing, badly-documented ecosystem, but I like the concept and the language itself. So if I can code in Haxe while the rough edges are taken care of for me, and on top of that, using Blender directly, as far as I’m concerned, it’s gold.

I’m not particularly interested in 3D, but I’m highly interested by the new Grease Pencil capabilities, and even if 2D is never “officially” implemented in Armory, I’m sure there’ll be no problems using it for making 2D looking games.

I’m highly interested by the new Grease Pencil capabilities, and even if 2D is never “officially” implemented in Armory, I’m sure there’ll be no problems using it for making 2D looking games.

He says, as basic grease pencil support has been added and more is hinted to come.https://twitter.com/luboslenco/status/787344789817683970

Speaking of 2D games, what do you think of Cuphead?


Pretty amazing! The last I heard about GP or 2D, it was in this issue.

Cuphead’s look and animation trigger my animator’s soft point. They are amazing. Gameplay though is much harder to judge from videos. It might be good, or it might be bad. I’m very picky about my bullet hells, and there’s a fine line between “uhm, ok” and “amazing”. From what I’ve seen, unfortunately Cuphead seems to err on the “good enough” side of that coin. Can’t blame them, it’s hard to get everything right. They got the looks perfectly right, it’d only make sense if they’d be satisfied with being just a good bullet hell. If it’s just “good” though, I’ll probably be bored by level 2, no matter how good it looks. After a while, graphics become invisible for me and I’m just seeing mechanics anyway.

TL;DR: I won’t know before I play

I understand why you would think about it that way. Personally, I use being picky as a way to weed out games so that I don’t buy them like crazy. I have close to 400 in my library and almost that number on my wishlist. Everything on my wishlist is stuff that I like and want to play but isn’t “the best” if you know what I mean. Cuphead will be an interesting game to see be released. I’m mostly interested in the 3D myself, though. The 2D games are no poor man’s game however and I may find myself making some 2D games in the future.

I honestly don’t remember how I first found about about Armory. I would guess that it was on Blender Nation. Anyway I would like to be able to create games and interactive content and the ability to do it all inside one application is what is most exciting to me.

I don’t know how to code so I need visual programing (I get along very well with BGE logic bricks). Unity doesn’t have nodes, I’m tired to wait for the Unreal Engine 4 get stable under Linux (takes 3 minutes just to open) and I’m a blender professional for a long time, so I would prefer to use blender. I’ll be making an interactive cinematic short experience… thing, called “Resilience Satelle”.

It was a long time ago (ages?!) I tried BGE and I was searching for an update, then looked at blenderartists.org and sure enough I found the Armory thread. I’m also the one that gave Xananax the link to it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m interested in Armory because it is to BGE what Cycles is to Blender Render. It will, hopefully, be a repetition of history. I want that because I can’t stand BGE at the moment and I want to develop games in the Blender sphere. As for how I heard about it, I was looking for a competent game engine in the Blender sphere for the longest time. I didn’t consider BGE to be that good and even admitting that took me a while and it was painful to say even when I did admit it but the truth is the truth.

I checked up on the matter every once in a while until one day I was just desperate. I had literally prayed the night before for the answer to come to me and the very next day I checked the Blenderartist forums to find the thread that was just started by Lubos Lenco. It was a very joyful occasion. Then I realized how early in the game it was and I decided to get involved at the ground floor in order to make it the best it could possibly be. I even accelerated my programming learning in order to help.

I found out about it from a post on the main Blender group on facebook. The fact that portability is a top goal and webgl is suported from the get-go is a huge selling point.

The paid model is a bit off-putting, but since it’s open I think it’s worth the investment for me.

I am a bit worried about how robust the physics engine is, because the game I currently want to build will be very physics intense.

Hi everybody! I think I learned about Armory in the blenderartists thread. It looks very promising to me - seamless workflow, beautiful graphics etc. I enjoy doing stuff in Blender, and Haxe looks like a nice language to learn. Also I am hoping for realtime global illumination in VR :smiley:

Hi all

A Cycles Game engine? Do I really need more reasons?? :slight_smile: mostly interested in vr and archviz, maybe games

I learned about Armory through Blendernation and followed lubos talk during Bcon16
I was impressed and still am :smiley:

i learn about armory throught blenderartist.org and watch bcon16 .why ? because of cycle and how good is

I think I found it through searching the web for BGE related stuff. Ever since I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it and try it. I currently have it and gave it a test run, for the most part it works as intended for such an early version. The graphic quality is really what drawn me to it :wink:

I’ve been googling for “cycles game engine”, and it happend to be the name Armory had before.:grin:

Inspired by the blenderartists thread.

Yup, bit of a shame it didn’t stay that way but due to a civil discussion the name was changed.

Found it on google after searching for realtime render engines.

This sums up how I found out about Armory3d :slight_smile:

In my case, I heard about Armory on the Blender artists forum when it was still called “Cycles game engine”. I’m interested in that project because of the multi plateform support and the blender usage.

I’m not really interested about making 3D games but I restarted to use Blender after a period of “watching news but not making stuff” and hope I can do cool stuff when this addon/engine will be “fully” ready.

Followed at blenderartists.
Attracted by brilliant ideas like such close integration with blender, beautiful render, fast progress and so on…