Why armory3d?

I am new to games engines and blender
I use golang for web and learn flutter & dart

i here to find a good engine to start

so what is Haxe ?
Why an unpopular language was chosen ?
armory3d good engine is for beginners ?

armory3d It supports well… for Mobile ?
Vulkan support

blender 2.8 Supports 2d… so armory3d supports 2d or ?

what is armory3d future ؟

what i need for start building Great Games

I will wait for blender 2.8 beta release for learn & use
Let me know

First of all, you are here, because, in back of your mind, you think Armory3d is good :slight_smile:

Why Armory3d?

Because, it is built from ground up for the designers who use blender for their everyday 3d needs and those who doesn’t have time or resource to invest in learning another package (game Engine) just to see their designs/model in a game.

Almost every other 3d designer , deep inside their heart, would like to make their models interactive or used in some kind of movie/game , Armory 3d allows them to ditch the extreme learning curve (of new game engine app) and do that particular everything in fully integrated Blender.

I am experienced in unity3d and it is a very mature game engine, but i would really love to work in Armory3d , since it won’t push me to another application, instead i’ll be spending more time in Armory3d. the best feature, which i like is Logic Nodes (though unity3d has it too, but i never tried it).

I haven’t spend any time with Haxe (don’t want to learn a new language) , but it seems pretty straight forward and solid to me.

Although, Armory3d is far from complete (its’ on 0.5) , it is showing its color and getting better day by day, and hopefully, it will become a go to game engine for developers in near future (considering, Blender is generating a lot of hype with its EEVEE 2.8 , and being now used by lots of companies as well).



Yes you right (:slight_smile:

I think so maybe programming language(Haxe) is the obstacle Haxe weird

But you need to learn a Haxe to build game
i don’t like to learn many languages
Every day a new technique

Haxe isn’t unpopular language. haxe is rising in popularity with connection to game engines(because haxe was made by game devs).

Armory engine is good for beginners if you know how to use blender and have use visual nodes programming, and Haxe isn’t at all scary(I haven’t read whole haxe doc but can make games with it because i come from python background).

Yeah, Armory is good with mobile, its graphics and all is getting better and better every day.
Armory support OpenGl/Metal/Vulkan/DirectX(whatever).

Blender 2.8 use 2d in 3d(grease pencil), I think Armory has support for that to(but is unclear how).

Armory3d aim to create games used in commercial and also aim to create open world games.

You can go to manual to start learning. There aren’t many tuts at movement. But you can check Gamesfromscratch, Jaynayam, Armory Blender Game, Kento Techno tuts, to get started.

You can start using now because 2.8 isn’t stable but 2.79 is.

Note: Armory isn’t even in alpha, so execpt bugs to be there(mainly physics).

You can use Nodes to make games too!.Nodes development isn’t complete or even near it. But again Haxe isn’t hard.


Haxe isn’t much less obscure than Dart (see https://githut.info/) which is quite the feat considering it isn’t pushed by Google. It’s used in Kha (and I suppose also in Armory) because its cross-platform support is unmatched. We couldn’t get Dart to run on all target platforms.


Then wait for a time when Armory3d Logic nodes will be mature enough to let you create a decent game without the need for additional scripting.
Although nodes aren’t good enough, but i think, you can still create a simple game in it without needing extra code.


You don’t need to use Haxe, you can use logic nodes, this should be lot more easy for you.

What do you mean Blender supports 2D ? Blender is for 3D work like Maya.
Your game is 2D mobile , you should use Godot instead that is specialized in that area from long time and very stable, while it can publish on mobile without issues.

There is already Armory, Armor Paint, World generation tool planed, if you add 2D i think Armory will never get completed :joy:

Armory future is improving and getting new features, is there something in particular you need that it does not have already ?

Armory is Alpha, it’s too early for making good game releases, many things are lacking and there is blocking bugs (no emissive materials, physics issues , Api look_at and getRotation functions issues, navmesh issues, no game release cooking packaging, and many more).

To resume :

  1. You want to create and publish stable games with almost no bugs, try something else.
  2. You like Blender ? and want a Blender 3D engine, you are not in a hurry to publish a game, you can learn Armory and have fun , also help report bugs on GitHub.

It’s my point of view, i prefer Unreal 4 and some few other 3D engines interfaces, despite you need to import assets.
Blender never had a fluent and natural interface, and Armory integration in Blender is cluncky, with same colors and Armory things mixed with Blender ones instead of using separate tabs or windows.

For Blender users, Armory should turn in something really great when Blender 2.8 will be stable , and when Armory will get a complete and stable release without blocking issues or major bugs.

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With Blender 2D, I take it he means the grease pencil functionality - Where you can indeed make 2D drawn animations inside Blender and use this alongside the 3D setup, such as seen here:

I’m not sure what status is with the current version of Armory, but Armory did use to provide support for Grease Pencil functionality (There’s even a working Armory demo here: https://armory3d.org/demo/grease_pencil/) - and the shader code is still there, not sure how it works though.
I assume it will probably need a little work to bring it up to date with the (still on-coming) new grease pencil functions of the 2.8 - especially considering how 2.8 is still highly in WIP.


That’s the very reason I used Haxe.
In the past few years, I have been writing web servers, web apps (browser), mobile apps (native), desktop apps (native), games (desktop, web, mobile), command line tools, all with just one language: Haxe.