Why camera is different from Blender viewport to Armory?

The tittle says everything, the camera in blender shows a different focal length than in Armory? Any reason why?

try collapsing the properties panel (n) and the tool shelf (t).

Even doing this I get a different viewport result

hmmmm… works for me. i don’t have any nodes in the compositor.

Please see this image as reference to the problem I mention:

The top image is the viewport render from Armory, the bottom one is the blender native viewport. Notice how Armory looks like the camera is being pushed back or has a different field of view.

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Should be now also resolved. :hammer:
Related: https://github.com/armory3d/armory/issues/258.


Hmmmm. Seems like it should be fixed now, but I have the same problem. Am I missing something?

Disregard the toaster rotation, it’s animated.

@aiyou Do you have the compiler set to scene or viewport?

It’s set to scene.

I deleted the old camera and created a new one. Now perspective mode is working fine but orthographic is still different. Sadly old blend file got overwritten so I cannot compare what was different about the cameras in perspective mode.