Why does my mesh contain holes when imported into Armory Paint? [SOLVED]

I know there was an issue in Armor Paint 3.xx where the mesh when imported would sometimes contain holes but I just tried again with the release notice of Armor Paint 4 and my obj still contains holes when imported into Armor Paint.

I don’t have any modifiers and I thought it had good geometry but maybe not? Maybe the area where its occurring needs improved perhaps? That’s the only thing I could think of…

Have you tried triangulating your object in Blender before importing it in Armorpaint? - I think it helps sometimes

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Nope but thats a really good idea, let me go try that. Thanks.

If that NGON fix doesn’t work make sure your normals on those missing faces are facing in the outward direction inside Blender!

To see how to check direction and flip normals…


Thank you guys, that helped solve it. I’m still learning a ton about blender but figured I would try using Armor Paint for PBR stuff just for kicks since it seemed useful.

I definitely think it was ngons causing it which I had because of the shape of the handle covering.

That was my fault, I thought I removed all the ngons. I downloaded meshlint to help me find ngons in the future when that happens to get rid of that problem. Very useful btw. :wink:

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You can also select all ngongs in by using “Select faces by Sides” function. But wow, guess I’ll download this addon, big help for beginners.