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this could take anywhere up to 8 weeks to get accepted,
but until then we can make it look as spiffy as possible.

please let me know if anything can be worded better,
sections to be added, images permitted to be used, etc

also, anybody that wants to edit that draught directly
will only make it more likely for it to get accepted :slight_smile:


Between “standard Blender installation.[3] The rationale” maybe there could be some brief mention of the symbiotic relationship between Blender and Armory to put in context I think.

Basically that Blender provides the base of toolsets and Armory scratch the ich of the missing game engine now in b2.8 and that the games made with Armory are compatible with less restrictive licenses than GPL.

wikipedia is pretty much the opposite of an english teacher.
instead of wanting primary sources because they are reputable,
wikipedia considers primary sources irreputable.
so someone needs to publish the Armory manual
before i can give references for nearly anything :frowning:

by “someone” you mean?


" Self-published expert sources may be considered reliable when produced by an established expert on the subject matter, whose work in the relevant field has previously been published by reliable, independent publications."

ps: it would be great to have the Armory logo but wikipedia might require the original artist to post it?