Will you include the latest Blender with Armory 0.5?

I’ve been following the Blender 2.8 developer code quests and it seems they’ve made some big changes in the past week. Will you incorporate these updates in the new Armory (0.5+) for Mac, Linux and Windows builds? Some of these Blender changes were shown in the YouTube channels: Blender Today and Blender Developers. The Tab key is back to normal among many other improvements. I believe the code quest is now over. Hopefully a Blender 2.8 beta will be on the way shortly. Things are really shaping up.

Armory has a already a build working with Blender 2.8.

Yes, want to release first Armory 0.5 builds next weekend which will run on the latest Blender 2.8. :slight_smile:


Fantastic! And many thanks.

Wow the 1st Blender 2.8 Alpha is being released July 2nd (today)! Full timeline is out. They are imposing an Add On freeze until the final Python API matches the new features. This is moving fast.

That addon freeze is problematic. :sweat:

I’m sure the addons could be re-enabled with a patch, but it makes little sense to try to maintain compatibility with a rapidly changing API while work is in progress. On the other hand sticking with 2.7 means no lightprobes and such.

What’s the plan?

Outside of Armory - This means to mean that you continue to model and create in 2.79 and then append the individual items to 2.8 for render and testing. Kind of a pain but something the Unity and Unreal world have dealt with before. We shall see what Armory looks like later this week I think inside of 2.8 space. In a way game production should be creating the elements in one blender file and then putting them all together in a separate .blend for the game itself.

Looks like 0.5 is finally here with the latest Blender 2.8?

Update: it’s just 2.7 :slightly_frowning_face: Note Blenders 2.8 Beta release is slotted for Aug 12th but that maybe delayed due to outstanding work in backlog.