WIP Third Person example

Hello, i’ve done this third person play ground to test the FSM and InputMap before. I would upload it to the current open jam, but it have some bugs that i can’t even imagine to solve now and it can’t be considered a game. In the project. The animations are broken for “non loopable animations” like the anim for Land. As for the blending of loopable animations, i already know a fix (“unfix”) and used it in the project, i don’t know if the fix may bug some other thing but i didnt noticed anything. Just delete those lines: https://github.com/armory3d/iron/commit/38de0b215f943b660e36cd22feac5dabecf15008#diff-833951d6a7bb4f645ce64623c1ca82c39b8c6496daabc26746a7179d7d865c0e

Anyway the third person class can be implemented through a FSM. It also have a flexible “gravitational axis” and camera axis (can be free or fixed axis). And plus it have a WIP climb system that works good but requires root motion to be nice. The flexible camera allows to change the game for FPS, TP or Top down easily by pressing V and holding RMB while on third person (supposed to be some kind of aim).

Linux Krom version is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O6uDaAGjQSOlv6wgiIqVUcZrmcZKPlS3/view?usp=sharing

For Windows version i can’t post now due to a compilation error, i will upload it when the error is solved.