World shader armory

Hi to all, i’m trying to achieve this effect in krom too.
The shader shown in the screenshot is rendered with eevee.
Is possible to use use color mixer as an input for the background shader node?!

Are you using Blender 2.9x? Because it breaks the world in Armory.

I think you follow this tutorial

I don’t wanna say which is better or no, but looking this shader it looks unnecessary for the stuff you want (the noise texture resource is too high to be in like 0,1% visible in the sky).

Using a texture as factor does not seems to work well in Armory. I would say for you to make this stars as a tile texture with black background and multiply it by the sky texture, then you can vary the stars intensity and size in this texture and multiply its opacity according to the sun rotation. Stars don’t move for human eyes notice. Other people can tell you a better way to do this, i don’t have experience with shader nodes :confused: