Would you welcome the act of creating a logic node and sending a pull request?

I’m thinking of creating a logic node and making a pull request, does the Armory developer welcome it or is it no thank you?Of course, you may decide not to merge them individually, but how about the basics?

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There is a repo for community nodes, do a push request there and he’ll probably just accept it. https://github.com/armory3d/logic_pack


Yes, Armory’s dev will accept it, just make sure it work.
If you think your logic nodes fit ‘extension’ category, then send PR in logic_pack repo like @Simonrazer said. Else if you think it fit in main, then send PR in armory repo

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Thank you for answering @Simonrazer and @BlackGoku36.

I send a request to armory if it fits in main, or to logic_pack if it is an extension category.

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