ACXT3R - the Armory community shooter


XD Laser control/shooting ain’t ready yet, but well spoted!

No license, it’s so free that no license was yet made to describe how free this is.


Bug report @lubos : I think the “play animation”-node is inverted, so it plays an animation when it is not being called to do so.
This setup causes the animation to play on both thrusters while pressing “W”. If a “On Keyboard” not is plugged into the inputs of both “Play animation”-nodes, the animation plays when “W” is not pressed.

At least I think it is a bug, I have never been undestanding animation that good.


I confirm the strange behavior.
I’ve experimented Unloading the action from the action editor, it shouldn’t be loaded as we may need to have hundreds of actions for the same object… it didn’t work :slight_smile:


@rogper actually “no license” creates less freedom and not more freedom as the rights are applied automatically.
For example i need to ask permission to use the project.

License beside, it’s a great project.


I understand what you say, but let’s not make this feel anything like professional, the idea is having fun to relax from professional duties and rules and established procedures :slight_smile: Everyone can use it for whatever, no need to ask.

Well… I got it to display bullets, but wouldn’t call it “shooting”

It’s already on the main file


wip of my ship so far:


Only using pure blender so far. Haven’t started with Armory yet.


Hey Sidar!
WOW! it looks awesome! Feels like a Boss :slight_smile:


I was more thinking a playable ship =P

But enemies with all sorts of tubes works too.


Uploaded my version in which the laserspawingrate while holding “space” is modified by a firerate. Still far from shooting, but it is progress :slight_smile:


Hehe, I’ve tested it, but I’ll wait a bit more before update the main file with the modification. This in BGE was so simple to do: :slight_smile:


@lubos Feature request: Can you implement the funktion that converts a sinus to a number of degree, which I think is called arcsin, or also sin-1, in the math node? As far as I know this funktion would be needed to calculate the degree of a line conecting the Jet and the Mousecourser. I think this calculation should get it:


I do not know why parts of this are written cursiv, ignore that

@=alpha(the degree we need)

In words, I want to use the arcsin to get the degree out of the sin of @ by dividing the length of the opposite side of an hypothetic 90degree triangle by the hypotenuse of this triangle, whose lenght is calculated the theorem of Pythagoras.

So for this whole thing to work I would need to be able to use arcsin in Armory. Or as an alternative, someone has to come up with an easier solution for this.


Oh just realizing that Squareroot is also needed in the math node. And while we are on the topic, square would be nice too.


Uploaded a version in which lasers are shot in alternation from the two laser-emptys, and the thruster animation does not play when “w” is not being pressed. For controlling the direction in which the Laser flies with the coursor there needs to be a way of calculating squareroot and arcussinus or arcustangens in the logic nodes.


Hi !!
Nice idea ! I wanna to participate too. Let’s go learn armory together and help reporting eventual bugs :smile:
I would like create a tutorial for the game. So, I think start create separated files with logic node step-by-step. What you think ?


Good idea butt i think we must finish the base game( shoot,enemy etc )


Yes, I will be first of all studying what has been done until now and writing a conceptual part


In the main Version there is now a cube (as placeholder for a 2d Coursor) in which direction all the lasers fly. My idea is that the Cube should follow your mouse, but my brain just doesnt get how the MouseCords and Screen Space to World Space node work. Their centerpoint seems to be random everytime, but Idk.


Hey Simonrazer,
I’ve just tried the update here. I can see the idea but I’m not sure if I see the same that you do :slight_smile:
Which Armory version are you using? It’s yet the build 13 or are you updating from Git?


Build 14 is already out, so I used that one


Figured out a way in which the Lasers fly in a straight line without moving to the sides, but this would need them to be Rigidbodys, what creates two problems. 1. Collision with the Jet has to be deactivated, and I do not know how to do that and 2. there is a bug (@lubos) that Rigidbodys which are spawned with the “Spawn Object” Node still spawn at 0,0,0, dispite a Transform being plugged in the “Spawn Object” Node.