How does this ocean example work?


How does this ocean example work? I tried to recreate it in a new blend and can’t get it to work. I searched up and down through the example ,but I can’t find out what makes it works. I see it apparently requires two planes with one having a ocean modifier ,but after that I don’t see anything else. What does armory props do for ocean modifier? I set everything to 0.00 and put both colors to red and still get blue wavy ocean. I even deleted modifier and still get the ocean when I play.


I think the caveat is that it currently needs Properties - Render - Armory Render Path - Ocean property to be enabled. Editing the ocean example to note this!

We need to automate these render path options, to kill those annoyances… Right now Armory is more conservative as enabling these features always costs some performance.


@lubos yeah the ocean setting was checked in render properties and it wasn’t playing. I played around with the ocean example some more and went back to my other blend. For whatever reason my new blend starting working and nothing was changed. Is there a way to make the water transparent so I can see ground underneath? Also, seems to be a duplicate of the fade setting