Html5 doesnt load on ios and very slow on android



Hello everyone, for some reason when I export to html5 and upload it to a server it doesnt show anything on ios devices (even the newest) and on android its very very slow, I tried to export it on the lowest settings possible and still

for comparison I did the same on verge3d and it runs much smoother (and loads on ios)
anyone knows whats the reason for that or if theres something special needs to be done?



thank you!!!


i tested your scenes on my Redmi Note 3 Pro (Android 6.0) mobile and they both run the same.
Please provide more details on the devices you made your tests on,
like manufacturer, device specs, os version, etc.


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I’d strongly suggest, however, that you should choose native targets for these platforms.

JS / HTML5 is an enormous “wedge” that might well be necessary for a web deployment, but it isn’t necessary (or desirable) for a mobile platform, which can and should be “lean and mean.”


I created an application for webgl and was able to run it on all platforms except ios :frowning: What am I doing wrong?


all texture sizes must be square and multiples of two (64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 etc.)


Yes, that’s exactly what I did. However, it does not work even without textures.


Is this page loading?


Yep it do :slight_smile: :


The page is loaded on PC and Android, but on the iPad only a black screen:(


My settings Render Path. Post process disabled.


I don’t have an iPad. Can’t check. In this example, a large texture(4MB). Maybe because of that.
Try to open this page. There are texture less.


Interestingly, it works fine on Firefox and Chromium desktop:

…and Firefox for Android (with the exception of missing shadows):

but lighting seems off on both Chrome for Android:

…and Chromium for Android:


IOS 10.1.1 Safari


on ios 12.1.4 and iphone of my friend (i don’t know ios version) :frowning:


Amazing. I turned off the experimental options in safari. Including WebGL 2.0 support and your applications work! However, I still can not run even a standard scene without textures (cube, camera and light).

Maybe it’s in the assembly? I use 0.6 and blender 2.8.


Sorry, I didn’t say.
An example with a picture of a bee, compiled Sep 28, 2018
Assembly from 22 days ago, also gives a black screen on safari.