Krom not launching in linux



I am loving armory 3d. It’s like the perfect engine for me.
My only question is that I can’t get krom to launch. I have tried it in both cycles and evie.
Runing it in my browser works fine and I can always use that, but it would probably be better if I used Krom.
Here is the output I get when runing from a terminal

[ace@shark Armory]$ ./blender
Read prefs: /home/ace/.config/blender/2.80/config/userpref.blend
found bundled python: /run/media/ace/Black/Armory/2.80/python
Warning: class UIToolsPreferences contains a properties which should be an annotation!
make annotation: UIToolsPreferences.use_pie_manipulator_of
make annotation: UIToolsPreferences.show_expanded_pie_manipulator_of
make annotation: UIToolsPreferences.use_pie_object_modes_of
make annotation: UIToolsPreferences.show_expanded_pie_object_modes_of
make annotation: UIToolsPreferences.use_pie_pivot_of
make annotation: UIToolsPreferences.show_expanded_pie_pivot_of
make annotation: UIToolsPreferences.use_pie_shade_of
make annotation: UIToolsPreferences.show_expanded_pie_shade_of
make annotation: UIToolsPreferences.use_pie_snap_of
make annotation: UIToolsPreferences.show_expanded_pie_snap_of
make annotation: UIToolsPreferences.use_pie_view_of
make annotation: UIToolsPreferences.show_expanded_pie_view_of
make annotation: UIToolsPreferences.use_pie_clip_marker_of
make annotation: UIToolsPreferences.show_expanded_pie_clip_marker_of
Armory: Proxy objects synchronized
Read blend: /run/media/ace/Black/Armory Files/Playground/Playground.blend

Armory v0.6 ($Id: ebccb44905d7131d996bc0d21e7836e6d91df402 $)
OS: linux, Target: krom, GAPI: opengl, Blender: 2.80 (sub 39)
Exporting Scene
Exporting mesh Cube
Scene exported in 0.008022546768188477
Exported modules: [‘audio’]
Shader flags: [’_Irr’, ‘_EnvCol’, ‘_Deferred’, ‘_ShadowMap’, ‘_CSM’, ‘_SinglePoint’, ‘_SSAO’]
Running: [’/run/media/ace/Black/Armory/armsdk//nodejs/node-linux64’, ‘/run/media/ace/Black/Armory/armsdk//Kha/make’, ‘krom’, ‘-g’, ‘opengl’, ‘–shaderversion’, ‘330’, ‘–parallelAssetConversion’, ‘4’, ‘–to’, ‘build_Playground/debug’]
Using project from /run/media/ace/Black/Armory Files/Playground
Using Kha from /run/media/ace/Black/Armory/armsdk/Kha
Creating Kha project.
Exporting asset 1 of 3 (Scene.arm).
Exporting asset 2 of 3 (World_irradiance.arm).
Exporting asset 3 of 3 (mesh_Cube.arm).
Exporting asset 1 of 2 (Material_data.arm).
Exporting asset 2 of 2 (shader_datas.arm).
Exporting asset 1 of 1 (brdf.png).
Compiling shader 1 of 13 (Material_mesh.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 2 of 13 (Material_mesh.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 3 of 13 (Material_shadowmap.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 4 of 13 (Material_shadowmap.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 5 of 13 (blur_edge_pass.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 6 of 13 (compositor_pass.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 7 of 13 (compositor_pass.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 8 of 13 (deferred_light.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 9 of 13 (pass.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 10 of 13 (pass_viewray.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 11 of 13 (ssao_pass.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 12 of 13 (world_pass.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 13 of 13 (world_pass.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 1 of 8 (painter-colored.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 2 of 8 (painter-colored.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 3 of 8 (painter-image.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 4 of 8 (painter-image.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 5 of 8 (painter-text.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 6 of 8 (painter-text.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 7 of 8 (painter-video.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 8 of 8 (painter-video.vert.glsl).
Finished in 3.5249907970428467

Also just so you know I am on manjaro linux and I’m runing the latest alpha of armory 3d (blender 2.8)
Thanks : )


Try cleaning the project and running it again. I just ran into this, and then I fixed it somehow, but I can’t remember how anymore. :thinking:


Can’t find any issue here, are you using Armory from or is it Armory from git
BTW it doesn’t matter if you are playing from cycles or from eevee, it got nothing to do with it.


Im using armory drom itch. Also good to know that I can cycles and evie! Thanks : )


Didn’t work : ( but thanks for your help anyways : )


Can you test Armory 0.5 version and say if it is working or not?


Still not working in 0.5


As explained before, you choose Eevee or Cycles have no impact, because Armory 3D switches to it’s own render 3D engine automatically when you launch a game.
I think many users will continue do misunderstand that.