An Armory render dropdown?

Continuing the discussion from Krom not launching in linux:

My biggest problem with that is that, while it seems to make sense at first and definitely is more approachable to users, you might use both Eevee or Cycles to preview/bake your game in Blender, and neither choice actually makes a difference to Armory. You could add a dropdown and it would make sense to new users, but it would actually have no real value.

OK, now that I’m saying that, I just had an idea. What if you did have the Armory renderer, and when you select the Armory renderer, it shows all of the Armory panels in all of the different portions of the UI, and it also has a dropdown under it for “Preview Render” which lets you select Eevee or Cycles.

I don’t know whether or not Blender has the capability, but it would be awesome if you could do one of those in-app introductions to Armory where it like highlights key portions of the UI with descriptions to get people started with Armory. That could include the description of the renderer selection.

When you are making a game all your shaders, lighting and rendering will be Armory render (so don’t care about Eevee or whatever other render).

How to make it less confusing :

  • “Blender.exe” renamed to “Armory.exe” with it’s own logo

  • A new “Armory Render” item selected by default.

  • Trying to run Armory with “Eevee” or something else, Armory automatically switches to “Armory Render” without displaying errors.

Simple, but i don’t think this is a really high priority or deserves it’s own thread LOL

You can’t have it automatically switch to Armory render, though because then you can’t preview/bake with Cycles and Eevee.

When you click on “Play” , don’t you want to launch the game ?
You supposed to have already baked your lightmaps when you hit play.
You can switch back to cycles to bake, once it’s done you click on “Play” to play the real time game in Armory render.

Each time someone press “Play” Armory must switch to Armory render and not care about what render is selected (“Play” button is not lightmap or navmesh baking but to test the game).

Yes, but I also want to be able to use the viewport in the “Rendered” mode so that I can preview what the scene will look like using Cycles or Eevee. If it kept switching it back every time I played the game I would have to switch it back to Eevee or Cycles every time I wanted to go back to looking at the scene in Blender.

Previews will never be accurate and will have many glitches, Armory shaders != Evee or Cycles shaders and lighting.
It would be a big waste of time trying to make them match.

Armory had real time render preview, it is planned it will come back, hopefully like other big engines you’ll get in play mode what you see in the editor :+1:

So automatic switch to Armory Render when you hit “play” will make sense and it’s simplification.


That would probably fix it. :+1: