About the license

I apologize for the bad english.

I have a question We can sell the games we developed with armory3d ?.Can we develop commercial game with armory3d ?

Do we have to comply with gpl license?.
because the blender is licensed gpl

Armory is MPL (Releasing Commercial Products), which I guess is more similar to BSD and MIT. As such I don’t think there should be any problems with neither open source or commercial issues (in other words, you can sell your games) :slight_smile:

Armory (as far as I’ve understood) relies on external tech (Iron/Kha/Haxe), and only the actual blender interface (addon) is supposedly gpl, so your products made with Armory doesn’t have to be gpl

Actually Armory license is zlib/libpng.

It’s a permissive free software license, for example you can distribute the binary without the source code, but of course refer to @lubos directly for official response.

Yes, Armory switched to zlib a while ago to make it even more permissive. You can pretty much do anything with Armory and the sources now (commercial games included), just don’t sue me if your computer explodes.


Nice! - Makes it much easier for non-lawyers to understand the license when the number of lines and text went from 370’ish down to just 7 :slight_smile: