ArmorPaint 0.4 is out!

ArmorPaint 0.4 is out!

ArmorPaint is an in-development tool specialized in physically based texture painting of 3D models.

  • Buy the preview version if you wish to support development

  • If you support Armory fund, use the link from welcome email to download

  • If you bought Armory before it was free and no longer have the key, send me a message

Get started:

Note: At this point ArmorPaint is a very limited tool and is very likely to contain major bugs! When you encounter issues, please report them at I will do my best to fix all mayor issues as we go towards 1.0.


  • Manual has been updated
  • Web page has been updated (thanks to @rovacado!)
  • Runs on the latest Armory, GPU usage should be improved again
  • Cleaner directory structure for program data
  • Linux compatibility should be improved
  • Live material previews are now rendered
  • Support for painting height
  • Added new sticker tool
  • One-step undo support, will be configurable in future builds for more undo steps
  • Lots of small bug fixes :hammer:
  • A roadmap will be published soon at
  • New quick-start video!

Due to recent woes ArmorPaint is still a paid software, but my plan to eventually make it FOSS stands. Next up - Armory 0.5 incoming!

Thanks for the battle-testing! :paintbrush:


Hi, I’ve bought Armory from , am I eligible for this?

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Awesome news :smiley:

Isn’t it too much work and slowing down Armory 3D when working in Armory Paint at same time ?

Hey @lubos, PMed you about the issue. I don’t mind to re-buy ArmorPaint, just want to make sure~ :grinning:

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