Armory 0.2 is out!

Armory scene using assets by Alex Sychov

Armory v0.2

New builds are up and can be downloaded at:

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It’s the time! As usual, it took tremendous effort to get there, happy to finally start rolling new builds out. Huge thanks to everyone contributing on GitHub! There is tons of changes under the hood to further perfect the internals of Armory. If something major goes wrong, patched builds will come up shortly.

Note: Using the built-in updater will not pull in all updates, please get the full package manually from

Release notes:

Check out full commit logs:


This one has been a real challenge - the new first person template is now available! Still work in progress. The scene is more bare-bone compared to the video to keep it small and well suited for starting new projects. Comes with several pre-set render paths to ensure it runs well on target hardware.

Armory now lets you write your own ‘render drivers’ for unique looks and performance. Using this technique we now have a fully specialized celshade rendering module which can be plugged into Armory projects:

As an example on celshade rendering, check out the forest demo!

In case you missed it, ArmorPaint has been finally released! Expect more Armory integration to come in soon. :slight_smile:

Armory now lets you embed and read .blend files at run-time:

New example on light-baking with Cycles. We still need proper tools to automate the workflow, but it’s on a good track so far!

New example on mouse lock, spots both script and logic nodes traits:

New example on virtual gamepad, useful for touch devices. The input system is shared with existing gamepad API so there is no need to write specialized code:

New example on using hair particle system for instanced rendering!

Soft shadows are being reworked with a faster technique, shadows are blurred in two screen-space passes. New example:

Volumetric system has been reworked to consume less memory and produce better results. Example at:

New example on using material displacement. Deform meshes in real-time using material nodes:

New example on accessing and editing canvas elements from script or logic nodes:

New logic node basics examples contributed by @guzzard:

Kinematic character controller contributed by @guzzard:

New example on creating a custom loading screen using script:

New example on LUT color-grading contributed by @Naxela:

New docs on screen-effects contributed by @Naxela:

New docs on logic-nodes contributed by @Simonrazer:

New example on moving skeleton bones using forward kinematics. Inverse-kinematics solver almost ready!

New functionality to manage traits in scene. Switch to Groups in Outliner and a list of traits should pop up. Each trait has a Trait| prefix so it’s easy to filter. Expanding the group will reveal all objects which have the trait attached. It is then possible to select / hide / remove objects like usual.

There is more - feel free to explore repositories on GitHub, something new is always up:

Hunt all the bugs, help Armory reach v1.0:

Happy creating!


Yass! Fantastic! What a time to be alive, with all the exciting new stuff in Armory to experiment and play with :smile:


Congratulations! I tried just now on Linux (Ubuntu 17.10), seems I could not play in Krom, while play in viewport or HTML5 was OK.
I can run it on Krom on last build, not sure why, still checking.

Awesome! Time to play around! :smiley:

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Thanks for notice! Uploaded a patched build for Linux marked as v02a, Krom was missing some libs there.

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does it fully support all features of PRINCIPLED BSDF?

No, I will make sure to post that in release notes when it does. (aniso, sheen and clear-coat are not implemented)

Great release !! Cellshader driver works fine and is really nice !! congrats. I have to apologize GI works perfectly i just encounter glitches with autoexposure … May be i’m too enthusiastic :smiley:

Awesome release @lubos . I hope you can start on the mobile services requested here

I would really loves to just dump unity and move to Armory.

Is Unity’s integration with ads/services monetizing well these days ?

I don’t have any problem so far, since most third party ads will support unity.

When they become implemented,it’ll make my certain material look so much better. Clearcoat can serve as a great polish for top hats as well as wax coatings. Anisotropy can create amazing silk,satin and brushed metals. Sheen will help to enhance the realism of fabric.

[quote=“JeremiahTDK, post:12, topic:738, full:true”]Anisotropy can create amazing silk,satin and brushed metals.
It’s great for hair too, gives a really believable look.

All this stuff is awesome, but my favorite new thing in armory is the docs.

I know,right. It’ll be awesome.