Armory,Blender, Game Reaches 500

Hey guys, I wanted to thank any of you that subcribed to the Armory, Blender Game YouTube channel and got me over 100 Subscribers. That means I get an actual URL instead of a series of numbers and letters. Thanks again and let me know if there is something you would like me to cover. I will try my best.


Congrats on number of subscribers :grinning:


Watched your tutorials, too! A very good foundation for beginners to getting started and learning how to make ideas reality! Thumbs up! I hope you keep them coming :smiley: What i also like is, that you are using the awesome visual scripting feature per nodes! I know, the patreon thingy is needed to fund your work and of course time but maybe… i would let the youtube community download some simple things for free… some starting points from where they can start :wink: Just an idea. Of course, the advanced topics are patreon only content. I´m excited for the new project on your youtube channel! Kepp up the great work! :smiley:

Thank you very much - I will consider putting more stuff out for the general comunity. What would you consider to be good things to give out. How would you define basic versus more complex. I feel good having almost 300 subscribers on youtube now and a little support on Patreon but have been looking at how to really push that forward so would love your thoughts on what would be good.

You´re welcome =)
I think it is more a psychological than value thing.
If i summary the needs from the other engines, there are some basic “needs”:

As simple as it may sound,… newbies want to play with something. After they are having a successful first experience, they dig deeper. If a new user have to search and find or make something first, it is too much at this moment. I know, some are simple lazy, but the heck :smiley:

The Armory examples and templates are also a good place to guide them.
I try to split the things up in small “giftboxes” :wink:

  1. A very simple first person mechanics (or even third person if you switch to a second camera)

  2. Open a door (automatically / triggerd animation)

  3. Open a door with a key (simple boolean)

  4. Changing to a next level (scene)

Something like this …and even with the textures from the template examples :wink:
Another way would be simply going through the Armory templates, but i would recommand to do it as simple as possible :slight_smile:

For patreons: the complex stuff … Enemy AI, interactable Objects, Quest system or something else.

And: It´s just an idea! :wink:

Thanks again - I will have to think about how to implement that and still try to move forward on trying to do this full time. That is the hard part. But the ideas are good and I need to find ways to promote the channel and patreon to the right people.


@Monte_Drebenstedt Hey I’m just a viewer of your channel, currently I’m having a huge problems with materials. If i use armory PBR or the Blender’s Principal BSDF shader, both are not giving proper reflection or like pure mirror and many more. Can you please show in completely tutorial from start to finish how to setup materials in armory 3d, like in render settings. FYI , I do not want tutorial on how to use materials in Blender Cycles, I know that. Huge thanks in advance.
And also little things like, how you do those boxes around group of nodes in game logic nodes while setting game mechanics and also name them. Again Huge THANKS.

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@Akash_Pal - The video you requested is up on YouTube. I hope it answers your questions. Viewer Questions


Wow! Very nice, that was fast! Thank you for making the tutorials! It helped me out, too :wink:

@Monte_Drebenstedt Hey did you work on UI, so… how to just pause the game and go to pause menu, maybe. There is a quit node but no pause. And in Mistwire 5, how did you get that side bar in game to show where you were testing the game’s performance?

@Akash_Pal The bar showing the perfomace in the debug console. just check the box as below. As far as a pause menu, I have not explored that yet. I will put it on my list of things to work on. On the whole the UI creator in Armory is not working right. I can get buttons and sliders to sort of work right now but the images and text boxes are not working correctly. I assume this is the result of a recent update but am not sure. I have started a thread about it but no heard much back. As soon as I can work with it reliably I will add it back into the tutorials.

Thanks for watching the videos, hope you have like and subscribed to the channel.

On another note the Channel has reached 300 subscribers. This doesn’t seem to bad considering the niche I am working in. Any promotion and sharing of the channel or the Patreon page is very welcome and appreciated.

I am also open to hearing suggestions for specific things to cover if I can. Right now I am working on the Mistwire series, which will cover first person, puzzle and adventure game topics. I am also ramping up a series that will be a archviz and interactive demo reel. I plan to show more of the asset creation in that one.

Anyway, Thank you again for all the support.

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@Monte_Drebenstedt Actually I needed the pause thing not for pause menu but to create in game tutorial, to show ‘How to Play?’, like pause the game execution in till you press W to move forward, something like that.

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@Akash_Pal To the best of my knowledge there is no “Pause” node. What you can do is set everything to no work until you press the button that says you read the how to play stuff. Unless the game has physics motion right off the bat you could set the button to change a boolean value that you check before any of the controls work. In the physics case you might be able to use the set gravity button to sort of pause things and again reset it with the button event.

Does that help?

A little look behind the scenes of Armory, Blender, Game. I look at what I did to come up with the Light spell in the Mistwire Game.

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Here is a link to the latest Video in the Mistwire series.

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Next one in the Mistwire Series

Hey guys, quite a bit has been going on over on the Armory, Blender, Game channel. First I am up to over 450 subscribers. There are 7 videos up so far going though the Logic Nodes in Armory. I have a new website that is up and running. where you can find my first product and get a free model set just for signing up for the mailing list there. I am working on a couple more videos for the Mistwire series and planing on trying to get an Endless Runner working with just nodes.

Any shares, likes or subscribes would be very much appreciated. Also a big thanks to @Simonrazer and @zaethan for there help and work on custom nodes and solutions for the videos.

I suggest you share those on twiiter.

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has been done many many times :slight_smile:

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