[Armory Digest] - December 2020


This years last Armory Digest is here, and it’s in a new PDF format and includes lots of pictures, news as well as free showcases demos!

Get the PDF issue here:

To briefly sum up the news:

  • 2 free showcases for archviz and lighting setup

  • Complete refactor of the environment/world system and nodes

  • Massive overhaul of the node system and categorization

  • Lots and lots of new nodes!

  • Nodetree operators

  • Extended deployment options

  • and much more!


These digests are amazing. This engine has come all long way!


Excellent work and design @Naxela. And a huge thanks to you too for your contributions :wink:

Eagerly waiting for the Blacksmith.

By the way, some of the itch.io links to the arch-viz examples seem not to be working. Would be awesome if they were available.



Oh, I forgot to test those Itch links - I think it was because they only had status as drafts and werent published - It should work now, although I’m posting the links here just in case:

Between the documentation and improving the lightmapping, I’m hoping Blacksmith will be ready for testing sooner than later :slight_smile:


Can you tell me where the “mouse wheel” has gone? (((

digest is a great thing!!! a good idea.

UPD/ I turned off the mouse wheel. This is now accelerating Y at MouseMovementNode. Mistake?

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