Armory for iOS project

Hey guys, I just discovered Armory, looks super promising!

Couple questions:

  • does it work for iPad iOS projects? If yes, how do I build the UI?
  • is it possible to build a clothing designer tool in blender like the one bellow, and deploy to iOS without armory for touch controls?
  • how is armory real time rendering compared to UE4?



1)It does published to IOS.
2)Not sure, but we do have soft cloth effect
3)It is still new, has PBR, voxel and etc. Hopefully @lubos can optimize the performance and rendering more.
-Chess Voxel GI benchmarks

I really like it. It can also be use to create 2D games, kinda like Unity workflow before the official 2D built in
Already talked to lubos on mobile services (admob, chartboost, google play games and gamecenter and etc) , not sure when will be the timeline or eta.

One strong key point for Armory
-Blender (If you dont like blender, this is probably not for you)
-PBR metal roughness workflow (it has its own PBR node)
-Lubos is working with Blender 2.8 EEVEE +Armory also
-Using haxe (Static programming languange). Personally any dynamic type programming (Lua and etc) will probably be a bit problematic when the project is starting to grow bigger. (It is just my opinion)
-HTML5 export runtime is small , I think less than 1 MB ?
-Android example is just 2MB apk released size (compiled with android studio)
-It will spit out C++ project for platforms except html5 ?

The cons are
-Still new
-Expect alot of breaking stuff happens untill it reaches stable
-Documents and tutorial a bit minimal

Maybe look at this video about what armory offers

Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation!

What about UI? Can I build a native iOS UI ok swift?
If not, how can a build an UI in armory?

I’m not sure about the native IOS UI thing. Maybe @lubos can explain that better.

Currently there is a simple UI editor (not finished or complete yet)
Also there is also a UI library called zui that comes with Armory.

@Alexandre_Lordelo If you dont mind, may I know where or how did you found out Armory ? Just for my curiosity.

Discovered on YouTube! ; )
One more question… can user have access to blender mesh editing tools and caractyer morphing on armor play mode?

The Ui looks very clean, nice!

Lubor, is it possible to build Native IOS UI in swift?

The rendering look very por compared to UE4 archviz stuff, doesn’t it? What is the current state of the art armor example? here are some Armory-examples, the best looking on is voxelgi_teapots as far as I know, but also the chess scene Chess Voxel GI benchmarks looks very good, but I cant find it in that list.