Armory network of freelancers

hi, very new to armory. Is there a place on here with people willing to be hired to help me make a game? Is there also a “marketplace” like unity has to sell assets/armory nodes/etc etc? thanks

I don’t know if someone wants to be hired to create a game together, but if you just want help, people can help you with your doubts. About the marketplace would be awesome to have, it would engage people more in Armory, but this need to be done by Lubos as the developer, and currently he is focused on another cool project but sometime this may happen…

If you miss any node you can open a feature request here:

If by sell assets/nodes you mean nodes setup, i don’t know about the legality behind this, but you may offer something or just ask for a tutorial :slight_smile:

I think the more important now is to attract more people to Armory and tutorials are great on this, but is not that easy to know what exaclty people want to learn, is like a shot in the dark. Tutorials requires time and dedication to create, so is not beneficial to create too much specific tutorials. Basically: send the question and it will be answered, otherwise people will not know what you are looking for…

Nodes looks complicated at the beginning but it becomes easy so fast, and if you don’t know Haxe, you can start to learn it by looking the source code of the nodes (that is how i started to go).

As you are new to Armory i really hope you enjoy it and be part of its growing community for a good time :slight_smile:

All the best!


Also, there is a Armory marketplace/asset platform called “Blacksmith” in the making, you can read more about it here: [Armory Digest] - December 2020


wow thanks for all the info! Yes, Im new so im trying to learn blender AND armory and blender is already a bit daunting with all there options…
Im trying to find how to load save armory game levels…
also looking into how to get a “painter” effect meaning the scenes look
like paintings…not sure if “Baking” is the way and/ or shader…I need help:) Im trying to do alot but it is fun i can get simple things to work!!! PS
new beta of blender has node geometry i hope armory can tie in to this !