Armory seems to ignore cloth physics parameters!

I have a rigid body cube and cloth above it in my scene. Currently, setting the Shape parameter in rigid body collision settings to Convex Hall and a cloth with a couple of subdivisions I get a cloth simulation that looks like this:

If I make the cloth a bit bigger, the cloth will go through the cube. If I change the Shape parameter of the cube to Mesh same thing happens.

I want to get a more high-quality cloth simulation but it looks like Armory is completely ignoring the quality parameters of the cloth physics. It also looks like Armory ignores almost all other parameters of cloth as well such as mass, stiffness etc. If so, how can I get higher quality cloth simulation in Armory? Should I change something in the Armory source code?

Increasing the number of iterations in Sources/armory/trait/physics/bullet/SoftBody.hx resolves this issue of cloth passing through the cube but other parameters (mass etc) seem to be ignored still.

Oh, so that’s how you do it. I was wondering how I stopped the cloth from going through the cube :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. At any rate, we’ll probably have to wait for lubos or an interested third party to increase the functionality of cloth and soft bodies.

This is something that came to Unity and Unreal only lately. We have let the engine mature. Everything that you put into Armory has to pass though a “translation” from what blender does to what the game engine can do and that requires coding from someone. Yes it would be great to have but honestly it is probably not a priority. How many other open source game engine have cloth physics?

Find some other physics library (i.e. bullet, project chrono) and run an independent process to pipe a socket to.

Alternatively, if that’s too much (which I can fully understand), see if you can bake blender physics to a mesh shape for every keyframe, believe I saw it once. (Can’t remember where though.)

Any progress on this? Has there been any changes to the soft body physics?