Basic FPS Character movement controls

HI Folks:

Im moving to armory for archiViz projects. I need to find / build a setup where my character can move around the building. I had it working in BGE (Which I realize is somewhat different). Basically what I want to do is to use WASD to move with and use the mouse for look around control. eventually, I’ll be doing opening doors and the like as well. Can someone point me to a resource, or tutorial?


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Your answer is pretty much in this thread Player Controller/Timer Nodes


There’s also the bundles that come with Armory which i find a little bit confusing,
Then, There’s this: WIP Character Controller Suitable for 1st/3rd Person Shooter - Showcase - Armory 3D
It’s a pretty nice script, with features that most games are missing Right Now; Although if you want to make your own node setup (Considering you posted this in the logic nodes category) I suggest this: Logic Nodes Tutorial for simple FPS controller [no longer recommended] - Logic Nodes - Armory 3D
It says no longer recommended, but it’s still cool!