Build 12 is out!

New builds are up and can be downloaded at:

Getting started at:

Build 12 is now out! Armory has been upgraded from top to bottom using all the feedback to reach the ultimate goal - make it production ready. While there are still ways to go, this is the final build with major overhauls - which means more power can be dedicated to produce high quality documentation and stable builds now.


  • Note: Back-up your projects to keep safe! You may need to re-apply some of the settings after loading projects in Build 12.

  • All examples have been updated for Build 12, now spotting 67 .blends! Releases · armory3d/armory_examples · GitHub

  • Major UI overhaul - the long planned UI finalization is finally in. You should be able to easily get up to speed with the fresh stuff by scouting around a bit in the Blender Properties panel. I will continue to tweak and fix potential issues till everything runs smooth - please report anything which causes you trouble.

  • Engine-less interface - notice there is no more ‘Armory Engine’ in the engines drop-down list. This is to support both Cycles and Eevee simultaneously in the upcoming Blender 2.8 release, and also to prevent bugs by keeping the add-on integration simpler.

  • Exporter presets - you can now create several presets based on your target platforms. You can set a unique render-path for each preset - this way you can easily export to both desktop and mobile without changing rendering settings all the time.

  • Render-path presets - easily create multiple renderer configurations.

  • Reworked render capture support, now meant to work out of the box using a single button press. Capture format is now configurable. (Animation capture not yet finished).

  • Improved debug console - now showing scene hierarchy in a tree. More updates in the works.

  • Experimental logic node patching - logic nodes can now be modified at runtime (note: will get faster eventually).

  • Logic node compilation fixes.

  • Improved shadow-mapping.

  • Improved Voxel GI - refraction, shadows, variable scene voxelization, improved emission. New Voxel AO mode available - will be a faster alternative compared to full Voxel GI to utilize voxels for ambient occlusion (right now it will run only slightly faster as memory usage has not yet been adjusted).

  • Mapping material node basics - scaling and translating UV coords is now possible.

  • Default camera - Armory will now play even when no camera is present in the scene, spawning a default one at viewport location. This is useful for quick testing of single objects.

  • Fixed DCE - exporting HTML5 projects with dead-code-elimination should now work with no issues.

  • Added Armory Project - Window mode option. Experimental support for fullscreen mode (Windows/Linux only for now).

  • Xbox support using UWP.

  • Principled BSDF support - basics are in. Sheen, clear-coat and anisotropy support to be done.

  • Updated Armory PBR node - as the time goes new material parameters will be appended to the bottom.

  • ArmorUI updates - now with basic anchoring, improved asset management, image buttons… Check out the bowling mini-game example. Proper documentation on ArmorUI is planned.

  • Fixes for temporal anti-aliasing - no more ghosting for the background environment map.

  • Fixed viewport camera align - playing the scene in viewport with tool shelf and properties panels hidden, the Blender & Armory viewports should now match up exactly!

In progress:

  • Using singed distance fields in Armory for ambient occlusion and soft shadows (Note: few people noticed ‘DFGI’ commits on GitHub - this is indeed an experiment to utilize distance fields for global illumination, I am not yet sure how usable this could get! :slight_smile: ).

  • Eevee integration - create your scenes in modern viewport, use Armory to build logic and export anywhere.

  • Vegetation module - system for rendering and handling foliage efficiently.

  • Adding functionality to bake material nodes down to a single texture set.

Next up:
We will be updating docs and fixing all the issues of Build 12 to build a solid ground moving forward. Thank you for continued support - more Armory announcements to come in upcoming week!


Cool.But where is armorypaint ?

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Yup @lubos where is armorypaint?

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Really? … the only comments are “where is armorypaint”?

Thank you @lubos for the great Build , in particular Eevee integration sounds very important for future Blender workflow!
Also i see a lot of new examples and scenes!
I can’t wait to test all the other features!


I’d also like to thank you for another wonderful build! @lubos

I’m sure it won’t be long before the first few user made WIP projects are posted here in the forum, at least I’m beginning to have a few arch-viz examples to share :slight_smile: (I hope)
(I know this might not be the right place to ask, but the “Projects” section is meant also for user project show-off, rather than just projects related to engine development?)

Also, I’m a little curious about the signed distance fields - what are the prospects of this, possibility wise? Is it to be understood more as a editor baked solution (similar to Epic’s Lightmass) or more like a real-time solution for generating realistic shadows (being described as GPU-based on the github folder and all?)

Anyhow, build 12 looks great!

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Everytime… every single build… I’m amazed by your work @lubos

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Yes we kha!!! Yes we Kha!!!


Really great build!

Trying to book a free weekend in the near future to test it.

Keep up the good work!

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I am amazed at the incredibleness.

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Hi lubos,

In tutorial Scene 3: “With armature object selected, it is also possible to include multiple actions using Properties - Data - Armory Props - Edit Actions.”

I cannot find this setting any where…May I know where to find this setting in the new UI?

I’m still finishing up High School and am gearing towards to college path but it looks like by the time I’ll be back in the swing of making games things will be really fleshed out if this recent build is anything to go by.

wow! this is totally worth the wait. so many new stuff to try out I’m overwhelmed. amazing work @lubos thank you

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Fantastic as always!

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Wow! Amazing! thank you so much for all that you are doing for Blender, through armory! really awesome features! look forward to baking voxel gi for archviz in the future. keep going! :slight_smile:

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Super cool! I quickly tried nearly all the demos now and I’m very impressed. Especially the ies light profile, the volumetric light, ocean scene and of course the voxel GI are all gorgeous!
Changing stuff directly in Blender and seeing the immediate results is awesome, this will be such a nice workflow.
I really hope it is feasible and becomes possible soon to have the good looking stuff work in VR. I feel the urge to build some scenes for the Vive :slight_smile: Will there be SteamVR/OpenVR integration?

hi,i would lke to know about the eevee integration. did i miss somewhere or it means can use blender 2.8 and all its graphic featues auto convert to armory ? please someone explain me about it:slight_smile:

Can’t believe all the positive feedback! This comes incredibly late as past weeks have been quite intense in getting the new engine stuff ready… Updates finally imminent in coming days. :slight_smile: Heh yeah, armorpaint is definitely taking a while! But will get there… :paintbrush:

@Naxela that sounds really cool! I renamed “Projects” section into “Showcase”, if there is anything you are experimenting with then seeing that would be amazing. For signed distance fields, right now it aims to precompute the data in Blender at build time and then use it for shadows and ambient occlusion. But eventually it is also possible to generate the data at runtime for a more dynamic solution.

@Milo In build 13, Armory has a new animation system using Blender actions directly. Rushed to make it ready but took quite a bit longer, sorry about that. Can now also update the docs.

@mbbmbbmm Not much there yet but at least some info on the SteamVR integration:

@mushroomeo: Using Armory + b2.8 it will be possible to work in eevee viewport so you get nice visual feedback when building scenes and then play/export using Armory like it does now. Eventually would like to also make graphic settings ‘auto-convert’ into render path in Armory, plus materials are already shared thanks to the Principled BSDF node. :slight_smile:


Hi this is an excellent release! I bought a copy on itch to support the development.
Great to also see the source code is released! Was wondering if there are any plans to make armory an official part of blender one day. We can dream :slight_smile:

Some questions:
Can armory use eevee’s new sss shader on compiled games? I noticed that the examples start my steam vr driver - does that mean armory supports vr and is there an example file somewhere?
Also what’s the state of the armaure constraints?

@lubos ojalá algún día pueda aportar mi granito de arena, eres muy grande :slight_smile:
@lubos i wish can help to armory someday, you are the best :slight_smile:

Why many of the GitHub links do not work? Examples here and here