Build 8(b) is *out*!

New builds are up and can be downloaded at:

Getting started at:

Yes, finally there! This one took a while - the biggest Armory release yet. There are tons of changes under the hood, in case of issues the previous Build 7 is still available on itch.

Changes since last build:
(You may have already seen some of this)

  • The engine is updated to run on the latest releases of underlying components, including Blender 2.78c.

  • The engine is getting 3D painting features. It will be possible to integrate the painting into any armory project, for example for fancy decal system.

  • Lamps now finally rendered with falloff / attenuation. With tonemapping and world lighting disabled, lighting should closely match Cycles rendered reference.

  • Enabled Voxel based GI preview in Camera data - Armory Render Path - Voxel GI. The feature requires high-end gpu and is in very early state - voxelization & relighting happens every frame and flickering can occur. Selecting C++ runtime with C++ compiler installed is required. In the next build it will also run like usual in Krom and viewport. I will write a separate topic on this one to go more in detail. :slight_smile: (Only one small example currently).

  • With voxel based GI, all data will be there to bring Armory output closer to Cycles. A special repository is being created to compare outputs side by side.

  • Tonemapping settings are now exposed under World data - Armory Props - Tonemap.

  • Editing bundled scripts is now possible - with bundled script selected, the usual ‘Edit Script’ button will show up - this will copy source to project and open local copy in Kode Studio.

  • By default, Armory always saves the project on build. This can now be disabled in add-on preferences.

  • More UI clean-ups, the Armory Player panel is probably as clean as it gets now.

  • A barebones per-project library system is added. This makes it possible to extend Armory projects with third-party code - add bundle of new object traits, pack of new logic nodes,… Working on examples to showcase this.

  • New example on animated UVs, achieved using ‘standard’ Cycles material.

  • New example on spawning UI panel on top of Armory scene. Currently this is script-only solution, in the future this will get resolved.

  • New example on simple UI controls in 3D space. This example also showcases playing animations from script - pressing the open / close buttons makes the door move using animation keyframes.

  • New example on tessellation material.

  • New example on movie textures. Currently browser / electron only, will be resolved in the next build.

  • New example on rendering real-time mirrors. Note this is very hardware demanding, as the scene is rendered again from scratch for each mirror.

  • New example on area lamps. The shadows will appear the same like for point lamp, however glitches should no longer occur.

  • Improved sun lamp shadows covering camera frustum, regardless of lamp position. In the next build this will be further improved using cascaded shadow mapping to handle shadows in distance for ‘endless’ worlds.

  • New logic node compiler is now finished. Only a handful of nodes are still implemented so probably not that exciting yet. However, with the system in place it should now be finally super easy to start adding more and more nodes. On top of that, the system handles adding of custom, user defined logic nodes. Using the new library system, it will be possible to a create pack of new logic nodes and add them into Armory project, without the need for any engine modification. Will make a full manual page on this. Simple rotating monkey looks like this now:

Sorry about the wait for Build 8 - please let me know in case of any issues!

Onwards to Build 9:

  • Adding logic nodes
  • Improving animation system
  • Get closer to Cycles output using voxel GI
  • Using the benchmark scene to profile and speed up renderer

Dam cool, i’ll try everything with my characters to see if it’s working.

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Looking forward to potential bug reports. :thumbsup: :grin:

cool. how it work and where can find the new 3D painting ?

Super release! thank you !
I will try to test all new features as soon as possible.

Downloading now Benchmark 1 and examples :slight_smile:

I still have problems with live patching:

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Will get the 3D painting out soon, needed a bit more time:/

Also, Linux libs striking again, will release patched Linux build tonight.

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Was waiting for this build before taking the plunge, and so I did! Playing with some of the examples now, and will try and contribute to bug fixes if/when I find any. Very excited!

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Quick report:

  • Benchmark 1 OK testing the .blend file !
  • Tonemapping OK filmic in Armory !
  • Editing bundled scripts OK useful !
  • animated UVs OK
  • ui_basic2d Ok
  • ui_basic3d Ok some graphic glitches on “door open close panel”
  • lamp_area Ok
  • material_tessellation Ok works only outside viewport, sphere invisible in Krom viewport
  • material_movie Video Not Visible in Browser :

I will test Build 8 more in next days!
Great work with all the new features!

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I’m liking the build. It seems to have some work done on the animation system.
Currently, I managed to import a Skeletal Mesh with an armature and a basic animation of a character moving an arm.
The engine didn’t crashed. On the contrary hand, it rendered half of the mesh dissapeared and with severe deformations on the other half. Anyways, the important thing is that the engine didn’t crashed!

At this moment I’m training character design everyday like a beast. I hope to use this engine to render simple character animations in August/September having Armory as my main renderer at that point.

Keep up the good work!

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Glad to see the build it out @lubos I’m super glad that I can now turn off autosave and take the risk into my own hands (as well as not have to save pointless throwaway files) and even happier that the node system foundation is in. Looks like it’s time to start brainstorming what build 10 will be focusing on huh? Anyways. Super glad this held up.

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I’m getting a few dependencies issues on Linux Mint 18.1.
The first it complained was easy to upgrade, but at the moment I can’t upgrade to the:

I have the 1.58 version so it seems… will try to find a solution.

Hello @rogper ,

have you updated to Armory_p08b ?
The new patch fix some Linux issues.

Haaa, no I did not :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up, will download it immediately!
Edit: Yup! It worked, all good now!

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Sorry I did not mention updated builds sooner, was unsure whether more issues pop up. Seems to be more or less solid now, at least to a level it was before, so hopefully no more patches. :slight_smile:

@Jose_Antonio_Moliner: Yes, some little animation improvements are in - more to come in next build!

we will have new build this friday ?

Good progress on build 9 already, but scheduled for Monday currently to pack in more stuff. :slight_smile: Updated benchmark 1 scene also coming, probably tomorrow.

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Wow, an actual release window prediction and an on time one to boot!? What has the world come to!? Congrats by the way. I look forward to it.

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Finishing last bug fixes and then the packaging begins, new builds on itch tonight or in the morning if I fall asleep during upload. :grimacing:

Every time @lubos falls asleep while working on a build, a developer cries on the inside.