Disappointment in Armory development direction

I’m kind of disappointed in Armory right now. Not because of bugs and stuff, but the attitude of it’s developers. Nerveless it’s open source project that should care for open source OS’s and listen to the community, it really doesn’t. Windows & self ambitions seem prior.

For example, there are serious bugs on Linux nobody cares of. Like with the cursor (mouse lock and unlock - basics). When I registered the issue, it was closed in 1 sec with comment: “Try your luck in Kha/Kore”. What sounds like “I don’t care about Linux”. When I did that, I was asked from Kha guys for a raw Kha example to reproduce the problem. Common!!! Why close? Why I have to go that road not even getting a “Could you please!?”? Do I get part of donations orsmth.?

I feel like I try help so armory doesn’t grow old in Linux, but I’m kicked in ass badly. Maybe add Label, that Armory mainly aimed for windows users and I’m gone with all my project, that in first place was meant Armory help to grow and become full capable game engine.

Also 0.6b, windows = nice, Linux = broken :frowning:


Why not!?

  1. Say thanks for tracking down issue (if its real)
  2. Register bug/FR to third party lib if that’s the case, link, add special label
  3. If the numbers creates stress, filter

Just closing means a real issue gets lost and that just dumb, sorry.

While bugs like that can certainly be frustrating, I doubt that it’s because one OS is prioritized in front of others. Fact is that Armory have undergone a lot of changes internally to it’s rendercore lately (which is quite a big undertaking), and some of the features that used to work haven’t yet been re-implemented, it takes time both for Windows, Linux and Mac - Armory 0.6 is still in beta - Alternatively you can use Armory 0.5 in the meantime (or just copy the Krom version), if it used to work.

As for the redirection to the Kha/Core repo, I presume it’s because it’s specifically Krom related - As far as the closing of the issue goes, I suppose it was the lack of description, especially since it’s not a universal issue (since it seemingly works on Zicklags and on my end as well, on Linux) - I suppose some system info (OS distro, GPU, CPU, etc.) would be useful, as the problem with Linux is that a lot of linux environments handle it differently (whether being Gnome, KDE, Unity and whatever). - If there is a tendency to prioritize Windows, I suppose that would be the reason, considering there’s only one Windows distribution, which makes development easier before getting it work work universally across different Linux distros (if they even handle it differently) - As for Mac I don’t know, but the deprecation of OpenGL seems a likely cause of GL problems, and Metal is presumably still new.

As for your (presumed) source of frustration, which I guess is related to: https://github.com/Kode/Kore/issues/341 - Have you tried Robs advice of updating Kore and see if it works in C++/Native? - For it to work in Krom, I think you’ve to either wait for Lubos to update the Linux version for the Krom bin, or compile Krom yourself from: https://github.com/Kode/Krom


Redirecting from Armory to Kore/Krom make sense because that problem is very likely not from Armory.

Closing an issue without enough information is also a sane action in my opinion (let alone an issue with empty descriptions). Maybe that is a hard way to learn, but developers really need to learn SSCCE.


You’re not working on some game to sell it soon i guess, and Armory is not complete to be used in production, so that’s fine.

Where did I not provide enough information? Why are you speculating? And how it’s not an Armory issue if it’s a problem exactly in Armory? Not everybody now needs to know all that is under the hood. Learn Kha, and code Kha examples to get problem fixed. Lubos should redirect and register the issue in kha, not me. And leave issue open so I can track progress. Dont speak if you have nothing to say dude. Sorry for being rude. But I dislike smartases.

Need more popcorn!
Seriously though, take some time off to cool down, then we can talk about it.


This issue Linux+krom+lock/unlock was very well know, even Robert confirmed it. So I did need to write a book about it. The reproduction steps where very simple, and I pointed out that it’s only krom related. GPUs and CPUs don’t make difference here as it is os related, system cursor.

I also never received something like, please provide your system info, etc. I did say it’s Ubuntu 18.x. etc. You thing I need stronger you for cursor to work…?

What’s more to talk. U close the issue and send me to hell of ignorance.

The bit about “Robert confirmed it” is twisting the facts by the way.
But ok, then let’s close this topic I suppose.

I swear I go to kha IRC and rollback a week to find the line you wrote to me.

Please do that because I already did :slight_smile:

@RobDangerous was this your evil twin brother:

18.12.2018 13:35 trsh: Why is lock ignored on Unix > https://pastebin.com/7T21EZGC ?
18.12.2018 13:36 trsh: Latest KHA
18.12.2018 13:40 RobertMobile: Do you mean Linux when you say Unix?
18.12.2018 13:42 trsh: Yes
18.12.2018 13:42 trsh: Ubuntu 18.x to be exactly
18.12.2018 13:43 trsh: And older KHA (bundled with 18.9.2 Kode Studio), was partly working
18.12.2018 13:44 trsh: Cursor wasn’t hidding
18.12.2018 13:46 trsh: Working in HTML4 mode
18.12.2018 13:46 trsh: *5
18.12.2018 13:46 RobertMobile: So you test that in html5? I don’t know why that isn’t working.
18.12.2018 13:47 trsh: RobertMobile: HTML5 working, Krom not
18.12.2018 13:47 trsh: expected?
18.12.2018 13:52 RobertMobile: Ah. Yes, expected. I think nobody implemented lock for Linux. It’s your chance to make a difference!

Scroll further down in the log please to see the part where somebody called trsh figured out that I was wrong at that point and it was already implemented for Linux after all.

It not just that, contributing to armory is lot harder than it should be, people have zero knowledge on how to use iron properly, i mean the core working, making or doing something with iron is not easy, since there are only 2 examples on it. It is just that it looks like devs are only focus on doing thing by themselves, which i don’t find it good, being the only one driving the truck doesn’t make sense to me, if people want to take project far they should except to get help from other, people know way better than big project like armory can’t be done by only one person, it is true that Lubos is amazing devs but you know you just can’t, if devs except to get some help, then should be more than ready to provide information needed to further the engine development, in this case, devs should provide more docs on underlying technology, that is how to use iron properly, if there is only 2 examples and nothing more, then this will decrease the chances of further engine development, the problem is that people think that docs are too boring, in fact i think so too but sometime you just have too, you know :man_shrugging: . If people are given to cut a damned tree they should spend hours on sharpening the axe instead of hours of tiering tree cutting with blunt axe don’t get me wrong I think Armory is amazing project, it have great potential, but i am just saying, being only 2 man being this whole project isn’t good idea.

It doesn’t matter, if project is going to be finish in months or year, what important is issue with armory devlopment.
and and your talk isn’t contributing to anything regarding this topic.

And? All the talk is about Krom+Linux. I never said I have problems in Native.

Krom uses Kore aka it’s the same as native in regards to almost everything.

So good luck. Lubos will now forward everybody to you with issues that “don’t touch him, but Kha”. And if its bigger noob than me, you can pull your hair out. While he could do it his self with proper description having its knowledge in the topic.

I won’t feed the trolls.