Disappointment in Armory development direction

Sure, then if you don’t feel like discussing anything regarding this topic, than there is button on top-left corner that look like left-arrow, that might help you (BTW you are welcome):smile:

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I don’t mind noobs but sometimes I intentionally chase away people who can’t keep their calm because that’s just not worth it.
So to all the friendly noobs: You’re very welcome!


I just created example from starch and it works on Armory 0.6. That’s fantastic. But not my point here. Don’t send ppl like me to hell, and next door. If info is missing. What info? Or At least say its missing :D. Or if you have rules for registering issue, create a template. Its more on Lubos, not you.

You are one very weird dude!


I register issue > Im sent to Kha + closed > I dont want to go there > Issue remains! How its good for engine?Dumb and dumber.

We’re all weird dudes here. I mean, isn’t that the point?

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No but he is really really weird. Like your from 1 - 100 somewhere 80. Where you are 30

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Lemme grab some soda and popcorns real quick

Why are you making so much of so little Kha/Krom issue ?
You’ll become the most weird soon.

Why a magic Lord looks like an robot? I would expect some wizard on a horse! Its not normal

Imagine playing FPS with no mouse lock, amazing right!, would be soo much fun!

Big things have small beginnings.

Have fun on the forums lol

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Not even joking, I actually grabbed some popcorn right now.


@lubos I can see you liking some comments. Very “mature” to no take part in conversation. I will just stop registering bugs - hope it makes you happier. No trsh, no problems.

Am i on my period orsmth? Time to take some Xanax? ;D

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It would be much more easier to talk, if everyone watch their voices.
Take some chill pill @trsh, and cool down dude

Yes. I will shut up. Like for long time.

This thread have taken a few odd turns…bugs, repos, frustration, popcorn, weirdness-rating and now periods lol

Not to be a party popper, but to bring the topic back to the subject I guess the underlying issue isn’t really something unique to Armory - I suppose a lot of open source projects generally see this kind of issue, where one technology is relying on another, and where issues sometimes are rooted down across different repos and layers, and where shifty bugs (like in this case), might end up being transferred across without being relayed properly to the underlaying tech - To put a constructive spin on the thread - What would have been the optimal situation in this case? - I mean considering that github itself as a service could potentially have been better in cases like this

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@lubos don’t write a book for me. Its not worth it. Im clearly overreacting. Better fix issue from 2018 Mar :smile:

But that fast closing, sending ppl to hell is not cool :frowning: and not good for engine. Kha issue is still Armory issue and not everybody now needs to learn Kha.