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Today i installed an opensuse Linux distro, and installed blender 2.93 + armory3d engine, and something goes wrong but i don’t know why, the games runs perfectly in browser, but in krom, the compilation begins and… nothing happened, the game won’t start in krom mode

Is there any error in the console when you start Blender from a terminal?

sorry for such a late response, unfortunately I will be able to get into the opensuse terminal after 2 or 3 days when I get to my pc

im here, so when i press play, the terminal writes this: Failed to load
Neither wayland nor X11 found.

Seems to be to that Chinese guy “Somting Wong” with either your desktop installation or your underlying graphics driver. For less experienced Linux User it can mean that a new (Re-) installation is more time economic. You can try to install a different desktop env. and graphics drivers. XFCE should work.
If that does not help, you may want to install Manjaro. Armory3D works halfway decent on it. Good luck.

maybe its a problem with fedora-based distros, or maybe opensuse have deleted x11/wayland identification files… :thinking:
ill try to install another distro, thx

So, im here on linux mint debian edition, and there are the same issues, maybe i should switch to other game engine…

Hi, I’m sorry that it doesn’t work out for you and in this case it’s probably really the best to go with something else for the time being. I think the best we can do is to inform Lubos about this issue, Kha recently had some Wayland related changes and maybe something is wrong/not yet updated in Krom. Someone else on Discord had the same issue a few days ago and I remember a similar issue in the forum also not so long ago, but I can’t find it anymore (maybe it was deleted?). Can you please open an issue on the Armorcore repository?

Btw, Lubos seems to currently work on better Armorcore integration in Armory, so it may be worth to check it out in a few weeks/months again :slight_smile:

Hi, I reported problems with Linux mint/lmde5 on GitHub as you tell!
Also, just half an hour ago I switched to manjaro cinnamon, and armory 3d is working as usual! :partying_face:
I have one last question about Linux OS: what if I create a game, export it and give it to my friend with Debian/fedora, will it run or not? just based on what happened this week, this question bothers me

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Thanks :slight_smile: Even though Lubos immediately moved the issue it means that he saw it. I really hope that the current Armorcore updates will eventually fix this.

I’m afraid I can’t answer your last question because my Linux knowledge is way too limited, maybe @ 3D-Penguin knows an answer? I would guess that if the error happened during runtime then it will happen to your friend as well (if it depends on the OS/distro and not just your specific configuration). If it happens during compile time (which doesn’t seem so) then I’d say chances are high that it will work.

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Not really an answer, cause i am really not the LINUX expert, despite my alias name which seems to imply that, but a bail out Tai-Chi “Solution”:

After you opened the issue on Github, just publish your file as HTML5 there. See my simple example post in Showcase (Link to Github publishing How-to video at bottom). Send the the Krom compilate to your friend to check and tell us about the result. Note that as a no “Dinero” user you can only publish public projects there. If that is not an option let him install Python 3:

To start a webserver run the command below:

python3 -m http.server

That will open a webserver on port 8080. You can then open your browser at

Or without needing above mentioned commands, you can easily check the proper functioning of your published HTML5 file locally: After publishing the file as HTML5 press play in Blender (Browser target), go to URL line at the top of your browser and delete the part saying debug, now press Enter. This will open and play your published release file. Easy as pie.

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