How does this ocean example work?

How does this ocean example work? I tried to recreate it in a new blend and can’t get it to work. I searched up and down through the example ,but I can’t find out what makes it works. I see it apparently requires two planes with one having a ocean modifier ,but after that I don’t see anything else. What does armory props do for ocean modifier? I set everything to 0.00 and put both colors to red and still get blue wavy ocean. I even deleted modifier and still get the ocean when I play.

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I think the caveat is that it currently needs Properties - Render - Armory Render Path - Ocean property to be enabled. Editing the ocean example to note this!

We need to automate these render path options, to kill those annoyances… Right now Armory is more conservative as enabling these features always costs some performance.

@lubos yeah the ocean setting was checked in render properties and it wasn’t playing. I played around with the ocean example some more and went back to my other blend. For whatever reason my new blend starting working and nothing was changed. Is there a way to make the water transparent so I can see ground underneath? Also, seems to be a duplicate of the fade setting

Armory’s implementation for the Ocean Simulation has changed,
and the new implementation goes like this :

A. Start with Modifying the ocean settings in the Render Path settings (Properties(Shift F7)>Render>Armory Render Path>World):

1. Obviously, first you gotta turn the setting on, Duh…
2. Set the level where you want your precious ocean to be (On the Z+ axis)
3. Set the secondary settings to your liking. I usually turn down the height and turn up the speed. The colours are helpful too, maybe you want lava: turn the speed and the height down and turn the colour temperature High enough.
B. Make an object for the ocean simulation to Work on:
Ocean parallax only works when there’s an object under it (Why tho??), So you need to make at least a Plane under the level you set your ocean to work on:

Boom! There you go!

Not that it has anything to do with Armory’s Ocean, but the Ocean Modifier isn’t gone from Blender! It is an optional build parameter to enable it.

Didn’t Mean it was removed, it was broken for a couple of updates, Happy to see it back!
(Edited the original post.)

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The shader should work for the material. This is beautiful (relatively) for a demo, but for games where water at different levels is useless. If people can use the displacement shader Blender, they will be able to do this without any problems.

That shader is actually implemented as a post-processing effect I think, so I don’t know that you can apply that particular shader it to any normal objects. This isn’t something I’m very knowledgeable about, though.

I don’t understand a little, the Eevee render is good, why don’t they use it, but use some other one (I don’t even know which one)? I essentially came here because they promised to render Eevee + logic node.

Armory’s render is completely different than the Blender one. It has nothing to do with Eevee, other than the fact that Armory is calibrated to look similar to Eevee so that your game looks the same as in Blender when you run it.

Armory runs on top of a low-level game framework called Kha which is what allows for its incredible cross-platform ability. Armory is actually a collection of libraries that work with Kha, including a custom renderer and game engine, along with the Blender plugin that exports your blender scene to a Kha game. See this doc to get a full overview of the architecture.

A big reason for not using Eevee is that it is a part of Blender, which is licensed under GPL, which doesn’t play very well with commercial games.

Then the question is: does water have a location restriction on Z, is it possible to add restrictions on X and Y?

I don’t know that, I don’t think so but I haven’t used it much myself. Here is another option for small local pools of water, by a community member:

In fact, it is the cornerstone. I want to localize such objects. Water, snow, dust. Put them in a “container”,
resize and position the container, make them somewhat.

Does this ocean thing still exist?
Asking from the future.

Hello Morbott.
Yes its still there, but it’s called “Water” now.

You can find it in the “World” tab

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I come again 3 years from the future.
The ocean modifier looks awesome, and if it works would give me more of what I want then the Water post process (which is really nice btw). Thing is… is it possible to have the wave animation from the ocean modifier work within the Armory game engine?
So the ocean looks alive.
Thank you from 2022.

No, this is currently not possible as the mesh with ocean modifier is exported as a static mesh to Armory. If you still want good control over water, you could use the material nodes to displace the “water mesh” and make it seem “alive”

One such example, as suggested above, might be LiquidFX - a simple water shader for Armory

Although I am not sure if it works with the current versions of armory or if the library needs a few small changes…

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Interesting… thank you, I’ll take a look.