How long until you can even make a ultra-simple game? Or can we already?

I’m thinking about making a simple but realistic game that is very sharp and glossy. I know Armory isn’t matured yet. But can you even make a very simple game yet? Like a glossy black floating bridge that a cube can roll across, in front of my sky background? If no, how long until we can?

In the examples repo there are a few minigames that show a bit of what is possible. For example the bowling game or the tanks game.


also check out the armory benchmark scene

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Also adding an endless runner minigame - it’s already in the examples repo but no obstacles yet, just collecting gems.

And started to work on a ‘real’ game, which will also be opened as an example. :slight_smile: This should hopefully allow to make Armory more robust for game making by battle testing it more.