How to enable interaction of a soft body with a rigid body when moving objects?

I am trying to move two soft body meshes in my scene. The cubes are supposed to touch some rigid body objects. However, the soft body meshes will go through themselves and also the rigid body object without getting affected or affecting anything. I wonder how I can enable interaction between soft body and rigid body objects when moving them in the scene?

Here’s a gif that depicts what’s happening:

Are you applying force or editing the position?

I am basically only changing the position. Should I apply forces?

Yeah, you usually need to apply force or the new position will just override. However, it may become inaccurate, so I would add to the current position and then allow the physics tick.

What do you mean by adding to the current position first and then letting the physics do its job? I thought the physical interactions will cause the vertices to move in certain ways and therefore, the position is automatically changed. But this last sentence made me a bit confused. So could you give an example on this?

in the example with the sphere and rectangular prisms, I was thinking that if you use forces, it should work fine. If you do something like:


, for instance, it might not work, as opposed to



Other users have reported their soft bodies not working, so you may need to wait for an update in which they are fixed, should it be an issue with Armory.

My experience:

Right now I can’t help you much since it doesn’t seem to work at all, but if you can drop the blend, it might be possible to get it to work.

You could conceivably use cloth and hook the corners up somehow, maybe with a separate collision group. Then you might be able to achieve the effect.

Good luck! Sorry I can’t help more.

The reason that the sphere mesh explodes is that you haven’t set the shading to “smooth”.


not much better :sweat:

Unless I’m still doing something wrong, it’s broken. Does soft body work normally for you?

Hi, here is my issue … still not fixed.

No soft body doesn’t work well normally for me :frowning:

I tried adding a cube with many subdivision, or a sphere, they split in polygons.
Added another subdivided plane it disappears and the donut that was working pass through all geometry.

Soft body is very unstable and not usable whatever you try.

Yes, soft body in Armory is pretty unstable. But did you try soft smoothing as I mentioned above?

I just tried on the new plane i made, and it’s the same result.
Soft Body is unusable.
You should not waste time trying to make it work, and wait for some bug fix that will make it work at first try.

Did you report the issue on Github ?

Armory needs more work on simple physics first, i had many strange physics glitches and behaviours.
Then Soft Body could get some more attention.

I have reported multiple issues with soft body physics on the GitHub repo. @lubos hasn’t worked on soft body for a while. I hope he prioritizes working on improvement of the soft body physics.

You can continue making your game and add the soft body effect later.

The point is my entire game is about moving/picking up objects in the scene with a soft body object…

It’s a small mobile game ?
Perhaps change your game concept or get lucky to get some physics fix :sweat_smile:

It looks like it is still not possible to do what I described above. Are there been any planned changes to fix this?

It works.