Is it ready for production?

Is Armory ready for production? Is there anything missing with Armory that we are waiting for? Is it buggy the the moment?

If I started to make games now using Armory, and then a stable version is released, in my project, would there be stuff missing from it, would it create my project in a buggy way? (sorry if my questions aren’t very clear).

TBH, no armory isn’t ready for full production as there is going to be lot of bug but as people are now starting to making games with armory, it safe to say you can make some good’ol games with armory.

There are lot of features that are currently missing in armory at moment, but not missing features that will prevent you from making games.

Yes, it is buggy at moment, if you want to start making game then i advise you to use 0.5 build or wait for 0.6 to get stable build.

Its depend of level/scale of game you are going to make, for example, it would not be possible to make full-fledged open-source game yet, as there are some bugs and missing features.
But if you are going to make small indie game like this -> Rocket House - A local multiplayer shooter 2,5D, then you are good to go


Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Is 0.5 stable at the moment? As you advised me to use 0.5?

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Yes, 0.5 is stable at moment. :ok_hand:

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Does 0.5 incorporate all the futures from Blender 2.8?

With Armory, do you get updates automatically?

you can choose 2 blender version for 0.5build

  • Blender 2.79
  • Blender 2.8 alpha 2

You can choose either of above, if you want 2.8 beta then you will have to get armory 0.6. 0.6 will have features from blender 2.8, when 0.6 stable release it come with latest blender 2.8 nightly build.

Updates doesn’t come automatically, you will have to update armory from addon preference in bledner.
and because of blender 2.8’s api changing nature you will have to get armory 0.6 stable release from itcho when it get released

With BLender 2.8 nightly builds, can it break my models?

Nope, it do nothing to your model


No its not. 1.0rc will be. Far way to go!

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Thats a shame :frowning: oh well

I would say generally not, however “production ready” is a vague, subjective measure.

Are you going to be able to make the next generation Crysis game right now? Nope. Could you make a cross platform version of Flappy Bird and sell it in the app stores? Sure. Will the experience of creating it be 100% bug free? Unlikely. Are you likely to be able to work around most issues or have them fixed in the next version while you work on other stuff. Probably.

The question is what level of technical complexity are you realistically going to aim for, by when, and what level of resources (time, money, effort, code etc) are you willing to put in to make it work.