Lets create more files for tests and examples?


This topic is open for anyone that wants to share some tutorial about anything in Armory. From Logic Nodes to Materials.

The purpose of this is to provide better documentation and test files (stress test files too) for Armory, but it will be useful for:

*Check what is missing in Armory to reach your objetive.

*Share experience between users.

*Find bugs before they find you.

*Improve our practices and learn with mistakes.

What is welcome: mini games, generic mechanics (such as platform, door openning with triggers, vehicles, player controllers, etc.)

But please avoid to focus in rotations, because you will give headaches and the file will not have compability in the future.

There will have best practices from the starting (setting the blender file) to the end (exporting).

What i need here is:

*See what is the more common way you all set your startup file (in the future it will make more sense).

*Ways to improve your workflow.

*Missing functionalities.

Smalls examples are welcome, but if you can mix it with more examples of the same genre is better to avoid too much files.

Please avoid textures and sounds, except if they are the focus of your example.

As a start point, i will try to remake my first game in Armory: pool game with a smaller logic tree and the more organized possible (if you open it you will understand what i am saying).

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My little project: “Hello world” on Armory3D engine.
An example of game mechanics from old phones.

If it can be useful to someone, then here is the source: retroball.blend
And you can try it either in a browser or on an Android smartphone.


the game looks awesome!


After trying to run the example (pool game), my interface is displayed like this:

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It was one of my first mistakes. I created the interface targeting the 1920x1080 resolution and don’t had tested it in another resolution.

Also your game aesthetics looks awesome ^^

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@QuantumCoderQC, @knowledgenude thanks!

Pool game - looks fine on a smartphone (apk).

My device: Redmi 5 Plus
But in the current version Publish does not work correctly due to the Asset Compression option, it does not work - issue.

It was made to be played on smartphones. If you have a high end smartphone that uses the last version of Mali GPU, i beg you to test this game has poor fps on it. In Adreno it is working fine. The issue is related to Canvas.

About Asset Compression, i am not the best person to talk about it, but a good reason for don’t use it, is performance.

The same time it will reduce the end game size, it will introduce one more task to the device (uncompress the files). It is not a good idea to compress things for mobile (except if your game has a lot of textures, audios, etc.)

About this pool game, i plan to remake it in a way it can become a template usable in a third person/first person game. I am just waiting to get some motivation to do it (i am focusing in learn more about Haxe now).

These are my plans for this template:

  1. Increase the physics steps (or scale?) in the moment the player starts to play. As you can see in the .blend, all objects are oversized, because bigger rigid bodies acts differently then lower rigid bodies.

  2. Find a way to improve the playability limited to 1 finger.

  3. Create a logic that allows the colliders to be resized and relocated according to the table (this will allow to create different tables with different sizes).

  4. Different positions of the shot in the ball (depending in the side you hit the ball, the result will be different) but this will be hard and will be more arcade.

I also will create some updated examples for Armory. There is a lot of cool nodes in my opinion that don’t have examples of usage.

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At the moment, it’s not a good option or not, but that it doesn’t work: the application crashes on startup.

Available devices only Sony Xperia XA.

For the rest, it sounds great. I just pointed out the problems in the current version for a novice user.

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This is not very feasible for performance but I found the effect very cool: wave_effect.blend (1.5 MB)

Idea from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqpkr7qeAlY


Drag and drop material example: drag_and_drop_material.blend (909.1 KB)

Drag and drop object in location example: drag_and_drop_object.blend (910.3 KB)

Both working :slight_smile:


Demo with dice rolls (d6).

  • double tap or swipe to roll the dice;
  • plus and minus buttons to change the number of cubes (from 1 to 10).

Files: roll_d6.zip
Web-version: link
Android- version: roll_d6.apk


Ship controlled by propulsion: ship.blend (1.1 MB)

The gameplay is hard but gives an idea of how to do the logic