List : BGE brick = Armory Node

I would like to test my game in Armory but i want to set it quick :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking for a listing : BGE brick = Armory node and Python code = Haxe code

I know it sounds stupid but i will learn quickly if i can start on the game im working on in BGE

You can not simply do BGE brick = Armory node. Armory and BGE have very different visual logic editors. In Armory you might need to use 5 node to get about the same functionality as one brick, but when you understand how these nodes work you can do much more with nodes in less time than with bricks (imo I kinda hate the way BGE forces me to have these three columns). Here a couple tutorials on logic nodes:


At this point, i’m doing well with those 3 columns in BGE it helps me to keep me in check with strong conventions in my game logics :slight_smile: Actually, i would like to see if i can reproduce my game in Armory.

I just wonder if Armory can run without producing rendering glitches i experienced with the map i ported to cycles for you :confused: I have the same glitchy output in upbge eevee . I wonder if it’s not my AMD’s fault