Logic just deletes object

I am using the latest version. I made a simple tree to move my camera. But for some reason, that logic just deletes whatever object I use it on as soon as it is triggered. I know that it deletes it and not just moves it out of view because I used it on a sun lamp and the lighting disappeared


  1. Use the Debug Console, then you will see that your object is not deleted, but something strange happens to it:

  2. I don’t understand what you want to do with this code: divide a vector, and multiply one value by a vector, provided that the Z value will always be 0 (the mouse moves in two-dimensional space). You can verify this using the Print node (see the result in the console):

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The object disapears because you give it an broken Value to as a rotate Vector. Vector Math expects Vector inputs (Purple), you plugged a Float value (Grey) into one of its Sockets. To prevent this you need to put a “Vector” node between your “Separate XYZ” and “Vector Math”.

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This did the trick on my object! Also, where is there a minimum of 20 characters? Such a silly and limiting rule

Yeah for some reason it still doesn’t work on my camera. It actually has no effect on it. I created a cube that I made the parent of the camera. And the camera disappears again.

Maybe one of these options will help:
1.FPS controller with nodes simplyfied
2.Third peson character control with logic nodes