Missing bundeld "CameraTexture" scipt

In the previouse build of armory 3d for blender 2.79, the was a bundeld haxe scipt called the “CameraTexture” and it does not appear in the newer version of armory.
I don’t know why this is or how to add it myself because the code needs updating and I’m not smart enough to do this…

Also the only mention of this scipt was this post:I applied the "CameraTexture" from Bundled to a camera and click play, the screen is blank. What does it do?

If anyone knows anything I will be very greatfull because I really need this feature.
Here is the scipt:
CameraTexture.hx (492 Bytes)

Ok, its fine i got the script to work thanks to the guys on the armory discord :metal:t2: