My reasons why I can not really use Armory

Hi. Armory is awesome, and I’d just love to use it but it is just impossible to really do, because of the amount of missing features and bugs that exists. Here is a personal list of the ones that bug me the most, and forced me to switch the project I care about the most to Unity. No particular order applies, but you should be able to see why some are more problematic than others.

  1. Dodgy Culling
    When using large objects, meshes will sometimes disappear when looking at them from a wrong angle. Also shadows often go missing for big objects, usually ceilings, which is very jarring. Making everything up of smaller ones is just too damn tedious.

  2. No semi-baked mode
    There is no way to have objects that should just display a damn texture without any shading without using some custom coded material or the full on solid material mode. The emission node works for that in Blender, idiotically the brightness of emission materials in Armory is dictated by how much they are lit up from other lightsources, actually defeating the purpose of an emission material.

  3. Semi broken sound
    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, every week something new for this. Funnily a problem I had when participating in the bgmc game jam was that halfway through it it stopped working, and only was taking .wav files to work. That bloated the project files dramatically, not to say waste time of the sound designer.
    Also I can’t find a way to turn off the sound fading over distance, even though Blender’s UI (which has very little options already) actually has a way to do that. There are also some problems with pitch when the system is under high load.

  4. Mediocre performance
    When building to Krom, which is what any hobbyist dev is going to do because building to native takes a fucking hour or so, the games performance is lackluster. The game I made for the bgmc game jam used mostly linked duplicates of objects, but many of them littered around in the scene, and not an absurd amount of materials, the very most of them were a flat color. FPS: 60 on a mid-range gaming PC (i5 6500 GTX 1060) at 1080p, and the graphics really do not justify that. On a 1050ti it already became hard to stay playable. As there are no guides to improve performance, the potential for better performance does not matter if I can not find out how to achieve that.

  5. Only two lights being possible at a time
    You saw that one coming. Why this alone often makes it impossible to create some scenes does not need to be explained.

  6. No solution for realtime GI
    Ok, that one is not that big of a deal-breaker in regards of the other issues, but WHY IS VOXEL GI GONE? !?! IT WAS SO DAMN AWESOME!!! It ran like a champ, 60 FPS on a 1060 with graphics that actually justified that performance and was so easy to use a chimp could do it! Voxel AO is cool as well, but really not as much. And ray-tracing is just not an option for hobbyists that want nice graphics, not until at least 50% of gamers have these cards.

  7. No prefab support
    If you want to make larger games, you will need to use different scenes. In different scenes you will want to share assets between them, and spawn some objects stored in a different scene. SIKE! You can’t do that in Armory, have a crash.

  8. No networking other than in Browser
    I had to kill my multiplayer project because being restricted to a Browser just isn’t fun. Krom does just not have any networking capabilities, and Armory crashes when trying to build for native when using external libraries, which is needed for networking.

I am too sad to flesh out these points with images for now. The thing is, I love to use Armory and really despise the UX when using Unity, but for reasons it is basically my only option. I couldn’t be bothered to find issues on Github for these problems, but if there are any they probably wouldn’t be tackled any time soon anyways. There are some awesome awesome awesome people in the community contributing, but there just is no way fix that they alone can fix it if the main dev. is in love with another project. I just hope his heart comes back to its roots some day.

Peace out for now


There are so many reasons to not use Armory, but there are also so many reasons to use it.
Armory is a young engine. Using it demands work, and you can not always do what you want.
But, it has a great potential : It’s integrated in blender, so you can make your game with only one tool. What could replace BGE better than Armory ?

I really hope Armory will grow and allow us to make great games only using Blender.
I recently released “Cubuesque”, that is a relatively small game, and had some pain making it playable on mobile devices, but it was doable. I also worked on a bigger game “Freak runners”. I cancelled the game only because it was a too big project for me, not because Armory was not able to handle it. It was a full 3D racing game, with different scenes, sound effects, music… and all was working.

I think that Armory could be better on some points. But I also think that we could help the developers to improve their engine with our “return of experience”.
Please everyone continue helping people using Armory, please continue asking for help, please continue making examples. Please continue making games with it.

To the developers : We need simple tools to make our games. Please help us for preloading resources with loading screens. Please improve UI Canvas. Please do something with the names of objects on different scene to not have object.000, object.001, object.XXX and so on (if possible).

We also need a better way to communicate. I’m a user of Armory, but I never go to GitHub. This forum is the only way to talk to you. We, game makers, are artists, not developers.

So… please everyone continue. I believe in Armory, and I want to make more games on this engine.
I love Blender, I love Armory.


…sadly… it’s not that well integrated in Blender… because one has to set things up specifically to Armory. Materials, lights, instances, animations, etc all needs to be done the way armory wants and not the normal way we do in Blender.

I can render a scene in Eevee and in Cycles and the results are similar. At least, if I set up the materials for Eevee I know they will render in Cycles, just the same. Vice-versa may not work due some nodes not being compatible with Eevee, but even so it works too. One just switches from one to the other.

I expected from armory to work similar, in which we would just change to Armory and it would render with the Eevee/Cycles nodes an identical image.

This is because when we are in a many year projects we need something solid to work on… a floating base, permanently changing and moving is impossible to work with :frowning:

Now, the concept of Armory and Armory visual coding nodes are just perfect, but it’s still very separated from Blender, although it deploys the game from it. I have no doubt Armory will be great on day… but we aren’t there yet.

For a tiny game, it is good enough! It actually works really good, even for an idiot like me :sweat_smile: I can make characters move around, walk and jump some obstacles… but once we want to go a bit further away it starts to break apart in many aspects… Being the most demotivating the endless changing of it base. It should be rock solid to give us confidence to build on top, but…

…Feels like ensemble Legos, on top of a leaf of paper, that is on top of the water, of a rapids river, heading towards a waterfall :anguished:


Hey totally agree with you @Simonrazer!! I am using Armory3d for a long time now and I really love the memories with armory3d :relieved: .Armory3d is just awesome but the reality is that you can’t really create a full project :pensive: Sometimes you are really forced to switch the engine…I tried to create many different projects with no success because things are not working or just missing in the engine. I really dont want to see armory3d die or getting abandoned. I would like to hear more people with their experience using armory3d!!