Possibility to render specular after transparency? (Transparent Specular Shader)

Hey everyone,
I have been trying to do a transparent shader (nothing fancy, no need for refraction for instance) But to do so I would need to set up a shader where Specular would be overlayed on a transparent shader. Is this possible to achieve in the current version of Armory?

Would I have to make a custom Render Path to do so?


Hi @fuderiki, I haven’t actually done this myself, but from what I have seen other people doing, you shouldn’t need to make a custom Render Path to do that. Of the top of my head, the only example that I know of that has specular and transparency is @sigm7zero’s LiquidFX shader tree. That is going to be more complicated than what you need here, but you might find some reference for what you are trying to do.

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Thanks Zicklag
I’ll take a look at that …
If I manage what I want I’ll keep you updated.

Checked the Shader, the transparency is just an illusion here.
I may be mistaking, but I think it uses a texture to fake the refraction, it looks amazing but it is different from trying to get specular on top of an actually transparent object.

PS, just saw the waterfall example, I’ll check this one, but this might actually be just the good old alpha texture effect.

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I’m curious to know about the render path though.
Is there any place where this is explained since it is no longer controlled by nodes

Here is the docs page for it: https://armory3d.org/manual/#/dev/renderpath.

I think you may need to modify Iron for transparency? This demo has transparency.

I have just uploaded my modified Iron for this experiment, probably need to install a few of my haxelibs to build my test and may need to tweak code to actually run, so better just to look at any relevant code. There is a switch at moment, it’s in debug mode so ignores svg colors and just uses random colors to show actual triangles.

Not sure on the process for Armory3d as this is pure Iron test. If this is not relevant then feel free to ignore as I don’t know anything about Specular.

This version of Iron is probably related to issue raised in trying to get full trilaterial functionality.

( Prob have TTF example around somewhere as well ).

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Unless I understand wrong, I don’t think you have to do anything special to get transparency in Armory. Here is a material tree I used and a screenshot of a high specular material that is also half transparent.

Or even easier with the ArmoryPBR node group:


Is that what you’re looking for?

untitled.blend (850.0 KB)

with-ArmoryPBR.blend (824.7 KB)

if you put transparency to 100 % the Highlights of specular will also disappear …
What I need is a full transparency where all that is left is the specular … no semi-transparent base color.

Oh, OK, I get it now.

In that case, you can use custom shaders in Armory. You could probably write a shader in GLSL for that, without changing the render path.