Soft Body issue: why simple shapes fly away?

I’ve had this issue for a while and haven’t been able to resolve it. The only way that this gets resolved partially is by increasing the mass of the object to an unrealistically high number (more than 15kg for instance). Or I have to make the shape more complex which is undesirable for my settings as the soft body physics in Armory is pretty unreliable as of now. Here’s a gif showing that happens:


Why is that? How can I resolve this?

Uh, did you somehow animate it?

I suppose somethings a little off.

Also a problem no matter where you go… Not sure if there is support yet.

Perhaps you can fake it with cloth? The problem is that as of now, cloth has no tension and collapses like thin air.

Hi! So in my experience with soft bodies, there are a few things that are important:

  • You should always use smooth shading
  • They should always be watertight and should not have “weird” or self-intersecting geometry. I think the technical term would be that the meshes have to be manifold.
  • You can use hooks to pin the object to a certain position (Ctrl + H)

Not sure if that’s of any help for your problem. I had pretty good experiences with soft body physics so far.


No I didn’t do any animation

I always follow the first two suggestions but I feel the third one makes things way too unrealistic.