[SOLVED] Armory to Sega Dreamcast | Possible or Impossible!?

Hello friends!
Would it be possible, in some way, to make a simple game in Armory (respecting the DC limitations) and lunch it on the Sega Dreamcast!?
If vagally possible, what would be required to achieve such a thing!?

Hi. Originally pointed out by 1k8 at the Armory Discord, Dreamcast has an SDK: https://dreamsdk.org/

You might try integrating it with Armory.

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I’m sadly just a 3D artist/fillmaker, I have no knowledge of how to do that, but just the notion of being somehow achievable is not bad! :slight_smile:


Would be feasible to make the game in Armory, having into consideration the Dreamcast limitations, and considering the porting later?
Or is it better to first ensure that it can indeed export the game?

If you’re referring to Armory, then yes, it’s recommended that you get comfortable with an engine before you set-off to make semi-large (or large) game.

This mindset applies to any indie developer with any game engine.

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I’m comfortable with Armory, I’ve attempted 2 times to achieve something on it. This is my greatest “success” with a lot of help from this forum members :slight_smile:

I’m not confortable at all is with Dreamcast XD

So :nerd_face: here there’s some info about the Kha console backends

Is there any backend to Dreamcast!? I don’t think Sega minds if I do something for it these days.

To quote the creator of Kha and other Kode frameworks/dependencies:

There’s no link to the Dreamcast-code, that was never public.

Darn :neutral_face: another dead end!
Thank you very much for checking up @rpaladin!

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