[SOLVED] Fixing Errors

I have had a few errors, and managed to fix some. However, I have this one, I don’t know how to fix it.

Compiling shader 7 of 8 (painter-video.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 8 of 8 (painter-video.vert.glsl).
…\Armory3D\Workspace\armsdk\armory\Sources/armory/trait/internal/CanvasScript.hx:163: characters 43-49 : Type not found : Handle

Haxe compiler error.
Finished in 69.651s
ERROR: Build failed, check console

I get this when I hit ‘Build’.
Does anyone know what the problem is here?

I checked the code, but that’s no help to me, I guess.

// Contains data
	public function getHandle(name: String): Handle {
		// Consider this a temporary solution
		return Canvas.h.children[getElement(name).id];

Hi. Are you using any Canvas related features, UI, Logic Node, or Haxe wise?

Are you using the latest armsdk release from Itch?

I believe the project uses Haxe scripts. I’m just running the third-person demo.

No. I’m still using 2022.8, with Blender 2.93LTS, since the updates are requiring updating Blender also, and they are coming quite fast.
I can’t keep up. :scream:

So I decided, to actually do something, before I spend the rest of my life just downloading software. :tired_face:

Besides, it’s asking my graphics card to keep up, which spells “get a new computer. Your Intel drivers are toast, in the developer’s world”.
The commercial world is a real sweetheart, and the merchants are loving it. :innocent:

Downloaded, and now using the latest Armory 2211.
Downloaded Blender 3.3.1 LTS.

Created a basic project, and hit Play.

This is new.

Error: Library buddy not found.

Error: khafile.js did not call resolve, no project created.
Finished in 46.660s
Could not load krom.js, aborting.

Installed Buddy. Hit Play.

Error: Library promhx not found.

Error: khafile.js did not call resolve, no project created.
Finished in 12.110s
Could not load krom.js, aborting.

Installed promhx. Hit Play.

:anguished: I didn’t install it?
Checking Khafile.

Yeah. I did.
So what’s wrong? :tired_face:


Ah. Removing the version numbers from the directory name fixed that.

Next came…

Error: Library asynctools not found.


Error: Library polygonal-core not found.


Error: Library polygonal-ds not found.

I was about to remove the Libraries directory, but decided to add one more, and give it a run.

Exporting Scene
Scene exported in 0.308s
Finished in 100.841s
Initializing a new default audio device.

Finally. :relieved:

Getting errors trying to use feathersui, but I’ll keep at it.

I’m not sure what these libraries are and what you try to do exactly, but if these errors from your last post come because you try to install some other library (for feathersui see my answer here, it’s not going to work), then I think this is because the library you are trying to install uses a .hxml with a -lib parameter trying to load other libraries.

For simplicity, let’s assume that it’s only about feathersui:
If you copy feathersui to the /Libraries folder of your project, Khamake will treat feathersui as a regular Haxe library. If feathersui depends on other libraries, they either need to be installed via haxelib or they need to be relative to featherui’s .hxml I guess. If you would install feathersui via haxelib, it would probably automatically download all dependencies, but that doesn’t happen if you simply copy it into the /Libraries folder. Khamake’s handling of libraries works a bit different than haxelib’s way of doing things, so sometimes there is some additional work involved in getting haxelib libraries to run.

That did come to mind, but I ignored it, I guess.
I didn’t give much thought to the problem with dependencies.
That explains the problems I’m having.