[Solved] GetTrait node: unable to get trait from scene


I am unable to get a Trait associated with the scene using the GetTrait node. Looking at the code it seems that the Node actually does not support this?

Any comments?

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@blackno666 the GetTrait needs from you to pass a value that is an object and maybe you can’t assign a trait directly to a scene.
If you create an empty in your scene, assign to it a trait and then make the Get Trait using this empty name, then it’s like to get a trait associated with the scene or a collection.

Maybe can help you to look here Communication between objects, it’s the principe used to call Methods in Class and take advantage of the possibilities of objects, collections and scene with Get Trait to implement an object-oriented design.

Thanks, Didier.

You can actually assign Traits to a scene. I wrote an own logic node “GetSceneTrait.hx (499 Bytes)” to solve the issue. I attach it.


For it to work you need a “blender.py” file which I cannot attach due to the not supported file extension. More information on creating custom nodes can be found here: https://armory3d.org/manual/#/dev/logicnodes

from bpy.types import Node
from arm.logicnode.arm_nodes import *
import arm.nodes_logic

class GetSceneTrait(Node, ArmLogicTreeNode):
    '''GetSceneTrait node'''
    bl_idname = 'LNGetSceneTrait'
    bl_label = 'Get Scene Trait'
    bl_icon = 'QUESTION'

    def init(self, context):
        self.inputs.new('NodeSocketString', 'Name')
        self.outputs.new('NodeSocketShader', 'Trait')

def register():
    # Add custom nodes
    add_node(GetSceneTrait, category='Value')
    # Register newly added nodes
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It works, but i must remove def register(): line

I was struggling with this problem as well. Here is what I came up with without using custom nodes.

Maybe it is useful for others as well.

Necessary are only the “get” nodes.
Maybe it would be good to have a “get scene name” node as well.