Something wrong with Translate on Local Axis?

I’ve noticed that the Translate on Local Axis node work fine unless it’s parented. Is there a reason for this? I’m new in this engine, so maybe I’m not understanding some things.

If I translate a cube on a local axis, it works just fine. However if I parent that cube to another cube, it acts strangely. (particularly a parent that is rotating or moving as well)

I would love to know a workaround for this! Thanks

As far as I know this is an issue with parenting, at least the same thing happens in bare code. It might also have to do with Armory’s extremely wonky rotations. Parenting also sometimes messes up physics interactions.
One workaround that might work is to have an object that is not rotating parented between your moving cube and the rotating object, like this:

  • Rotating Object
    • Empty (not rotating)
      • Moving Object