Sponza test scene for armory 3d?

Most of the cool engines feature Cryteks sponza scene for tests. This very good, as it is same model & textures, we can run it and compare different engines performance and looks. Also it really challenges the engine. I tried to make it happen for Armory3d (via http://www.crytek.com/cryengine/cryengine3/downloads), but my Blender skills just suck. So please, anybody? :))

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The imported scene glitched a lot and actually died with VCT GO on.

I made every material use the Armory PBR nodegroup and unfortunately it seems like using normal maps results in an error in the console which results it not being able to build. But else it seems fine for me

Got the base now working but it is running at about 30fps @720p without VXGI on a gtx 1060 6gb, which is quite slow. “Batch meshes” pushes this up to 50fps, but it destroys the meshes right now

EDIT : It runs in V0.2 at 63fps with VXGI, but it still looks pretty meh. Maybe 0.3s secound bounce would help, idk.

I had to push Env map to 3, else most of the image would be very dark.

@Simonrazer great work! Feeling good about this. Maybe you can push it on a public repo, so guys can improve and do merge requests? The scene is pretty complex and could also catch some Armory bugs and shortcomings, so it can be fixed and that would just benefit everyone.

Oh yes already did upload it to my Drive but forgot to share the link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1u3h6OSmYe-me7wVMPqK-D1AkQTdZ2S4j

On latest armory doesn’t work with VXGI. Window not responding. Same as before when I created scene.
With Voxel AO eveything is dark and bad FPS. I can’t get 60 FPS even with forward preset :/. Im on 750 GTX Ti, 4. So some-have armory seems no optimized for such scenes.

Are you familiar with versioning, git? Would be better to push it no some repo. So we can track versions

Oh you mean a download for V0.2? That is still on itch.io avaivable.

No, I mean to upload your blend (spa.blend) to a public repository, similar like > https://github.com/armory3d/armory_examples.

Ok, currently uploading it: https://github.com/Simonrazer/Sponza

Still empty :smiley:

Oh damn it sorry, my .blend was bigger than 100mb and github does not allow for files that large. Now uploading a version with textures not packed.

Ok github desktop is screwing me by still saying there is a file over a 100mb, but there is none.

Now it should be up, in the .git folder itself somehow were some massive files. Just deleted the local clone, cloned again and now it is up (hopefully).

Seems some textures have absolute paths, pointing to your pc

@Simonrazer Extrernal data > unpack all into files > …“use project direcotry, overrwrite” and then Extrernal data > Make all pats relative

Ok, should be good now. One note that it does not start on V0.3 for me anymore, have to fall back to v0.2.

Can I catch you on Skype or Irc?

Yes Skype is ok, my name there is Simonrazer too.